Thank you for taking the time to meet us today—this is where our relationship begins. A little bit about us: we are hopeless romantics, wild for travel, and avid adventure seekers. We believe in simple acts of kindness and are always striving to make this world a more beautiful and compassionate place. 

And what about yourself? If you’ve found your way to us, you likely carry a free spirit, are a touch adventurous, and above all have a deep capacity to love. You are also seeking to be grounded in the present, to hold something that has meaning. We want to give that to you.  

Like all relationships, ours begins with trust. You are entering an exciting new chapter in life. We value your experience and believe you deserve the utmost care. We would be honored to embark on this journey together; to explore your love, and to create tangible memories for generations to come. Your marriage and the life that follows are a beautiful cause for celebration. 

Thank you for connecting with us. If you feel we can create something remarkable together, don’t hesitate to reach out here. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours. 

With Love,

Janelle and Jordyn


Jordan and I have been working side by side since 2015. We quickly discovered a shared passion for storytelling through human connection and creative expression. We have found that nothing compares to the reward of documenting beautiful experiences. The stories we've had the privilege to capture all share one common message — Love. 

process and creative direction

Our approach is unconventional. We don’t follow a predetermined outline for our clients. Instead, we begin by getting to know who you are, what your vision is, and what is most valuable to you. With this in mind, we work hands-on with your planner or designer to ensure your celebration is breathtakingly captured. We approach your day with meticulous consideration, ensuring no detail goes overlooked. In essence, you dream it up and we make your vision a reality.  On the day of your wedding, you can breathe freely and embrace every moment.

As creative director, Jordyn works to guide you through every visual aspect and detail of your wedding. Jordyn seeks to curate cinematic shot lists and pair them with elegant locations and sets. She works diligently so that no matter the moment, we capture you at your best. The day of your wedding, Jordyn also keeps a camera or two on her person, to maintain an exceptional level of coverage. 

As lead photographer, Janelle is more technical in her process. She begins by tailoring your package with hand selected film stocks, ensuring spirited tones and harmonic color balances which are exclusive to your wedding. Janelle masterfully plans each aspect of your day by composing an editorial and authentic story.

Together, we apply our creative enthusiasm to create a signature story— with you as the focus.  You are searching for something of substance, for meaningful imagery that is rare and exceptional. We would love to work with you to create a timeless collection of photographic keepsakes to be cherished for years to come.

We work very closely with our film labs to develop and process your imagery. These teams are consistent, professional, and personable. “Why film?” you may ask. We work with film because we love the elegance and timelessness offered in analog. The depth, the color tones, the intimacy and rawness isn’t just from the medium, it comes from the entire process. Analog is unlike anything we have ever been able to achieve with digital alone; the element to photography and cinema that we are most passionate about. The teams at The FIND Lab and the Color Lab share our vision, helping us guarantee that your photographs and cinema films are authentic fine art.