It begins with falling in love. For Janelle, with what she saw every time she looked through the lens, for Jordyn, creating a sentiment that was everlasting. Capturing the intimacy of love as well as the enrapture  of life, our photography acts as a catalyst for both. We strive to create something that is both beautiful, raw, and honest. Our passion is to capture the story behind your love. Such an experience deserves nothing less than the purity of analog. J+J Au’Clair offers the tenderness of a moment as well as an image that will enchant your senses. 



We work very closely with our film lab to develop and process your images. This team is consistent, professional, and personable. “Why film?” you may ask. We work with film because we love the elegance and timelessness offered in analog. The depth, the color tones, the intimacy and rawness is unlike anything we have ever been able to achieve with the digital age alone. Film is the element to wedding photography that we are most passionate about. The team at Indie Film Lab shares our vision, helping us guarantee that your photos are authentic fine art.