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The 10 Best Oahu Wedding Venues

Hey there, fellow adventurers and romantics! I want to share with you my curated 10 Best Oahu wedding venues. Oahu, Hawaii is basically magic, I’ll tell you that right now. With jurassic foliage and mountains touching the ocean’s edge and golden sunshine basically every day, its a dream wedding destination! And as an Oahu wedding […]

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Hey there, fellow adventurers and romantics! I want to share with you my curated 10 Best Oahu wedding venues. Oahu, Hawaii is basically magic, I’ll tell you that right now. With jurassic foliage and mountains touching the ocean’s edge and golden sunshine basically every day, its a dream wedding destination! And as an Oahu wedding photographer, my number one goal is always to serve you!  So, if you’re planning a Hawaii wedding, I want you to have easy access to the best wedding venues the beautiful island of Oahu has to offer!


When planning your destination wedding, the island of Oahu is the perfect choice! Here’s why.


The Hawaiian islands are out of this world, and when you’re planning the destination wedding of your dreams, location is everything. Oahu doesn’t disappoint! And here’s why: Oahu is the most populated island in Hawaii. Its also the third largest island, and super easy to travel to! As a top tourist destination, the flights to Oahu tend to be cheaper than flying to some of the other islands.


With the Island’s capitol of Honolulu and its famous beaches (Waikiki ring any bells for you?), Oahu has so many gorgeous places to go for your destination wedding! From the North Shore for adventures and Lanikai beach for some serious relaxation in the sun— you seriously won’t even need to leave the island for your honeymoon. Trust me, you’ll want to take the time to explore the Island after (or before) your wedding!


Naturally, Honolulu and Waikiki are the most convenient part of the island for your wedding. And since it’s a bustling tourist city, you’ll have no shortage of incredible food, easy transportation, shopping, and an exciting night life! But, those benefits also come with larger crowds and a slightly more expensive lodging cost.


Thankfully, there are tons of incredible wedding venues outside the city of Honolulu and its adjacent beaches! And that’s why I’m here today. To show you the best of the best wedding venues Oahu has to offer. So let’s get started, shall we?!



Here are my top 10 best Oahu wedding venues, as an Oahu wedding photographer!



1. Kualoa Ranch: Beach, Gardens, Horses, and a Private Island.

With multiple locations for your ceremony and reception, Kualoa Ranch really takes the cake as my one of my favorite wedding venues in Hawaii. Established in 1850 and sitting on 4,000 acres of gorgeous island, this cultural destination offers 4+ ceremony and reception locations for your wedding. It has a little bit of everything that Oahu has to offer, with sweeping views, mountains, and miles of ocean front. Its actually where Jurassic Park was filmed, so even if you don’t choose to have your destination wedding here, its a MUST visit during your stay on Oahu.

I’m especially fond of Moli’i Gardens, with the ceremony on a secret island (which you take a boat ride to get to)! You can learn more about this venue right HERE, since I did a full feature blog post for it.


2. The Hawaii Polo Club: A sporty, yet luxe, ocean front wedding venue.

Right on Oahu’s North Shore, the Hawaii Polo Club offers both open air indoor and outdoor spaces. And with rugged mountain backdrops, clean sporty amenities, and crystal pacific waters surrounding, it really is where luxury and adventure meet.


3. Dillingham Ranch: Southern Charm meets Tropical Paradise (+ horses)!

Most iconically known for its photogenic rows of palm trees, Dillingham Ranch is full of beautiful southern charm married with tropical, manicured paradise.  Its a historic 2,700 acre property with a huge lodge (locally known as Big Lodge) where the couple can stay before and after the wedding. This space also serves as the perfect, photogenic backdrop for your entire wedding! From getting ready, to the ceremony, reception, and even staying for your honeymoon. You won’t regret Dillingham Ranch as your Oahu wedding venue. Click here to read my post about it!




4. Turtle Bay Resort: Glass pavilion, ballrooms, and serenity. 

Most famously known as the resort featured in the 2008 film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” Turtle Bay is a gorgeous countryside resort.  It’s secluded from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki and a stunning venue for your wedding! Click here to learn more about the Turtle Bay Resort.

I honestly haven’t gotten to shoot here yet, but it’s on my list! And yes, I’d love to photograph your wedding at the Turtle Bay Resort. Contact me and let’s start chatting!


5. The Royal Hawaiian: The Pink “Palace” of the Pacific.

This luxury hotel is located right on Waikiki, and is world famous for its iconic pink towers. But don’t worry, this place is classy. Its less gaudy, and more vintage and elegant— perfect for timeless but vibrant couples! Wether you want a big wedding at the hotel with room for all your friends and family present, or something much more intimate, the Royal Hawaiian is sure to stand out. I really believe it to be one of the most unique and architecturally beautiful venues Oahu has to offer! And since it’s right on Waikiki, you know the scenery is out of this world too.


6. The Nutridge Estate: A historic hidden gem.

Fashioned in the 1920’s with traditional Hawaiian style, and historically a sweet potato and nut farm. When you’re wanting a historic venue with incredible food, private shows, and maybe even a traditional luau— the Nutridge Estate is perfect!


7. The Royal Hawaiian Golf Club: NOT to be confused with the previous venue listed.

Nestled in the Mountains of Oahu, in Kailua town (30 min from Honolulu and Wakiki) is this gorgeous club wedding venue. Its not at all related to the previously mentioned Royal Hawaiian Hotel (I was confused at first too, you’re not alone). The Royal Hawaiian Golf Club is perfect for a timeless and manicured club-style wedding in one of the world’s MOST beautiful locations.




8. Waimea Valley: Private gardens, jurassic foliage, and mountain views.

Get ready to have your mind blown this this venue right here! While its not technically better than any of the previous venues I’ve shared, I absolutely love the natural foliage and views this particular venue offers. Imagine with me for a moment… an open air evening reception, hidden in a secret garden.  With twinkle lights over the dance floor and the bright evening sky lighting up the magnificent mountain silhouette. Magical, right? If that sounds like a dream come true, this is the venue for you!

I’d love to photograph your destination wedding in Oahu Hawaii. If you have any questions or are ready to get to know each other, don’t hesitate to connect with me! Click here to become friends.


9. La Pietra: Old-world and European style villas.

As an Oahu wedding photographer, let me just say, this is easily my favorite venue for your Oahu wedding! Located above the Waikiki beach, at a private school for girls, is La Pietra. It has the feeling and architecture of an old-world Italian villa, but with magnificent views of the beach and surrounding area. Private yet conveniently located, and luxe in every way.

P.S. Sunset here is incredible!


10. Male’ana Gardens: Luxury boutique, elegant, and intimate.

Also near Kailua, Male’ana Gardens offers a one of a kind experience for your big day! First, there are three locations to choose from for your ceremony and reception. And whether you choose the Gardens, the Cabana, or the Bungalow, you’re not going to be disappointed. I also love that they offer in-house catering (which is farm to table and incredibly delicious) and in-house coordination and planning! Finally, its woman-owned— and Cheri Brazwell has done an incredible job bringing it together!


If you finally you’ve found the perfect venue for your Oahu wedding, now all you need is an experienced Oahu wedding photographer!


My goal as your experienced, passionate, and luxury destination wedding photographer is to support you! I want to empower you to be your best self, to seek adventure at every turn and shine your love for everyone to see.


So no matter where you are in the journey, and wether you’ve booked me yet or not, you can know I’m here. Every step of the way! You are beyond worthy of beautiful memories and authentic love. So, let’s become friends and do this together!

I am excited to be your Oahu wedding photographer.


Please contact me if you have any questions, wether about these venues or otherwise. I have over 10 years of industry experience and, as your friend, am more than happy to help! Drop me a line HERE.


If you’re still hungry to learn more, I have a few posts to share with you! Feel free to check them out below.

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