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5 Photos You Need for Your Wedding

This one is for all my brides to be! You’ve hopefully got a great wedding planner and some serious vision for your big celebration of love between you and your partner. You’re excited, and you’re now probably in the full swing of planning! This is where my list with 5 photos you need for your wedding comes […]

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This one is for all my brides to be! You’ve hopefully got a great wedding planner and some serious vision for your big celebration of love between you and your partner. You’re excited, and you’re now probably in the full swing of planning! This is where my list with 5 photos you need for your wedding comes into play.

As a destination wedding photographer, I believe your wedding photos are more about capturing the adventure, romance, and authentic laughter of your wedding day! Learn more here:

These 5 photos for your wedding day are a must! And you’ll definitely want to find a destination wedding photographer that can capture these for you.


Your wedding day photography is about way more than just pretty pictures. Its about documenting one of the most special days of your life and one of the biggest parties you’ll ever throw. In my mind, its about THE EXPERIENCE, and remembering it for years to come.

You want to be able to look back on your wedding photos and remember how you felt that day. You want to feel relaxed and know that you can trust your fine art wedding photographer and other vendors. I know you don’t want to be stressed out, but actually think back on every moment and remember how FUN it all was!


Of course, I’m coming from over 10 years of experience as a wedding photographer. Sharing these with you today is all about giving you the tools and vision you need to plan your wedding timeline. So check them out, get inspired, and let’s be fearless as we step into the phase of life together! And always remember that you can contact me if you have any questions about this post or anything else while planning your wedding. Even if I’m not your destination wedding photographer (yet?).




1. Intimate moment with your mom, dad, or other significant family member!
Maybe someone has already popped into your mind. A tender moment between the bride and the mother while getting in the dress, or a sweet first look with dad after you’re all ready to say I do. Or perhaps you were closer to your grandparent or another significant figure in your life. Either way, this is a very personal and special photo to create and look back on of your wedding day. It can look different for everyone, based on their personal background and life, but is invaluable just the same!

How to get it: Make sure you set aside some time to have that person be there while you’re getting ready, or immediately following. Take 5 minutes for a few photos during this time, and show them how much they mean to you. You won’t regret it.

2. Take an epic bridal portrait (or groom’s portrait).
After getting ready, plan a few minutes into the timeline for a full look photo to show off how beautiful you look and build up some confidence! Show off your dress, the location you’re at, and those pre wedding butterflies. You might not realize it, but I actually think this is an important moment for you to boost confidence and get excited before you walk down the aisle.


Portraits of the groom are important too! Photograph by J.J. Au'Clair, taken at the Ridge Asheville.

P.S. You’ll be hanging out with your wedding photographer a LOT of your wedding day, to make sure to pick someone you’re completely able to be yourself around. Someone who can be your hype “man”, who puts you at ease, and who truly cares about your wedding. I’m excited get to know you, and become your destination wedding photographer. ? Let’s do this together!


3. Do a first look!
Not every couple chooses to do this, but a few moments alone together can really do wonders for calming your nerves. It can give you a few minutes to relax and let loose together before things go into full swing, and it also offers for some really sweet and joyful moments together, sharing the butterflies and excitement. You might not get much of a chance to do so (outside of your couple’s portraits after the ceremony) the rest of the day.

This couple did the work to find the right wedding photographer. They chose someone authentic, playful, and a film shooter. They are so happy with their wedding photos!


4. Candid laughter with the bridal party.
When you’re taking bridal party pictures, take some time to let loose and goof off with your closest friends. Authentic laughter and feeling at ease is a great way to enjoy your wedding day and will really showcase your relationships on your wedding day.

How to get it: Allow the photographer to step back and capture the real moments of joy between everyone, after the “classic” or other pre-planned shots have been taken.


5. Get some epic couple’s portraits together!
After saying “I do”, I recommend taking a secluded stroll somewhere in open nature. Get away from the crowd and excitement for a moment, and embrace the time with one another (and your photographer). Now you can get some stunning imagery as a couple for the first time!

Opt to get some epic couple's portraits with your destination wedding photographer after the ceremony together! Wedding Photography like this couple's portrait by J.J. Au'Clair is authentic and timeless.

How to get this: Consider a 15-20 minute walk with the photographer. Worry less about the perfect pose and more about the joy of your first few minutes as a couple! Play, laugh, and love on each other— I’ll be sure to get the shots you want.


Your wedding day photos are 100% about you. Your real life, laughter, and celebration of love!


and how about a BONUS ROUND?!

? Because I just couldn’t help myself. Here’s one more photo that you’ll love to have on your wedding day:

6. PARTY on the dance floor!

You’re fun, right? RIGHT. And chances are you’re having a blast celebrating and getting down on the dance floor! I really suggest finding a destination wedding photographer who will do well capturing every moment of your reception, even if it means getting out there with you on the dance floor. Don’t worry! I’ve got some great moves, and am up to the task!

Charles Morris Center wedding reception, with a must have wedding photograph by J.J. Au'Clair. Authentic laughter on your wedding day and candids during the reception are a must!




Now, I always end my blog pots by sharing this: My goal as your destination wedding photographer is to empower you to step out of fear and into love! It may sound redundant by now, but I’m seriously so passionate about empowerment! I think most of us have spent too much of our lives in the corner. You can feel confident, be your best self, and act out of love (not fear)! And you can know I’m here for you every step of the journey there.

That being said, you should contact me if you have any questions about this post, or regarding planning your engagement photos, anniversary session, wedding day or photographs, or to get photos JUST BECAUSE. I’ve got years of experience and I’m more than happy to help out. Drop me a line HERE and let’s be friends!


P.S. (again): If you’re looking for more resources, here are a few more blog posts that you may be interested in! Feel free to check them out below:

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