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A Dramatic Variety Playhouse Wedding in the Heart of Atlanta

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When Amanda sent me an email that she wanted me to photograph her Variety Playhouse wedding, I was beyond excited. Not just because its a really unique and dramatic for your wedding venue, but because they had such a sweet connection over this place.  Amanda and Jay love concerts and festivals— they even met at one!

This Variety Playhouse wedding was upbeat and sooo joyful.

Their wedding in Atlanta started at the Clermont Hotel, where they got ready. Jay was downstairs at the Lobby Bar (which is a lot cooler than it sounds), and Amanda was upstairs on the 9th floor in the Ruby Room.  Amanda’s suite was gorgeous and well lit, Jay’s lounge was moody moody moody, and it was absolutely pouring outside—  But luckily for us, it cleared up just in time for their portraits! Amanda and Jay had an intimate first look together on the rooftop at the Clermont Hotel, followed by their bridal party and family portraits! They wanted to to relax at their ceremony/reception, which is why they got most of it done ahead of time.

By the way – the glamorous hair & makeup here was done by Amber Casiano and Jeris Farmer with Bombshell Creations.

Okay, carrying on. Because the good stuff is coming!

Their Variety Playhouse wedding would not be complete without leather jackets, backstage passes, and photos together in front of the marquee! And if you’ve ever been to the Variety, you’ll know that its not super flattering light by the entrance. It makes for a great photo, but only if  you hire a photographer who knows what they’re doing (maybe, with 10+ years of experience? *wink wink*).


As I got to know Amanda and Jay before the wedding, one thing was clear: they are truly in love.


They’re playful with one another, love to travel (and have done a LOT of it together), and subtly nerdy. <— I say subtly, because I think its really cool to love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Nintendo games, NPR, The Beatles, and punk music!

Of course, I can keep writing about how sweet these two are together, but their story is much better told by Amanda herself!  Here are a few questions she has answered for me regarding their relationship and wedding day:

How did you meet? When did you two know it was meant to be?: Jay and I were introduced to each other by a friend, and ended up spending an exciting weekend together at Wakarusa in 2011. We rode back to GA together after and talked the entire way. Our officiant, Wynn, was also with us on this trip, and it’s actually where we all became really great friends. I’d say we had a pretty immediate and intense connection.

We made it ‘official’ July 29, 2011, and were pretty much inseparable by that October!


How do you like to spend your free time, both together and as individuals?:
We are both either incredibly active or lazy— there is no in between. Jay and I love to hike, camp, explore, go to shows or festivals, hang by the pool (or head to a beach), and long days at Disney.

We can’t get enough Drive-In movie dates, cuddling with our cat and binging TV/movies (we have an extensive list of shows we cannot watch without the other), bubble baths, playing video or board games, audiobooks on car long rides, podcasts, brunch, and all things booze/food!

I’d say what we do as a couple is very similar to what we do when we are alone. We both love music and entertainment, hanging with friends, reading or listening to books.


Have you done any traveling as a couple? Where have you been together, and what’s on your future travel list?: Yes! The majority of our relationship, especially in the first half of our relationship, was spent traveling. We’ve been all over the US together. From Florida to California, and literally everywhere in between. We are going to Japan for our Honeymoon!


Finally, Amanda got creative for a gift to give Jay on their wedding day! We planned a boudoir session while he was out of town, printed it to an album, and she gave it to him after the ceremony. Check it out here!





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