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Spring Family Photo Ideas by an Atlanta Family Photographer

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You may be wondering why I’m sharing my top 5 must-have spring family photo ideas for 2020… Well, as an Atlanta family photographer, I believe family photos are an essential part of our lives. The sweet moments of life after your wedding often pass too quickly and its so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day business, then look up and realize the time has flown by. The sweet time of pregnancy is over before you’re ready, and then our children grow up so quickly! We can’t forget to capture these sweet moments, the moments when they’re still young and silly. When all you want to do is make them laugh. Or maybe read one more bedtime book, or play in the bathtub a little longer, or  just hold them as they fall asleep…

I love taking family photos. I enjoy being present to document every moment of your beautiful life. To share in the love, and joy, of having and being a family. And really, what makes family photos even more fun and easy?


So, here it goes…



  1. Start with an intimate, at-home photo session!
    When its still chilly out, this is probably the best out of these Atlanta spring family photo ideas. It’s also the best way to go when your kids are young. An in-home session gives you the opportunity to relax in your home, and spend some sweet time together. Whether you choose to read a book, have a pillow fight, or bake cookies together its sure to be a hit with your little ones. Having an in-home session is ideal because the kids are in an environment where they’re already comfortable. It also gives you the opportunity to easily access a change of clothes if they get messy, or even to feel comfortable breastfeeding (if they’re really young).The only concern with an at-home family session is if your home is a little dark. Of course, if you have a photographer who knows how to work in any lighting situation (like me, with over 10 years of experience photographing families in all KINDS of light), you have nothing to fear.

    I love the opportunity to join in and get a behind the scenes perspective!

    my favorite of these spring family photo ideas is to just have a nice time in at home together, like this sweet family here!

  2. Capture some playful moments together!
    No matter your location for the photos, you want to capture fun and playful moments together. Kids are playful, and you’re really just a big kid, so have some fun together! Wether you choose to do a simple, everyday activity at home, or go out for ice cream— be present in the moment and let loose. Your family members will remember the experience and then have gorgeous photos to lock those memories in forever?
    Here's a sweet spring family photo ideas at a green house in Buford, GA.
  3. Cuddle Bugs!
    It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how large your family may have grown… cuddles always make for a cute photo. Whether you’re at home cuddling and reading a book on mommy and daddy’s big bed, or if you’re out and about at the local Georgia fair and just want to take a minute for a group hug (and maybe a tickle fight….); trust me, it makes a perfect and honest photo of you and your family!
  4. Go on an adventure together! 
    This is a great idea no matter the age of your kids, though of course this will probably be more and more appreciated as they get older! Going on an adventure to try or see something new is a great way to get your family members out of their comfort zone— its a way to let everyone bond and have some fun too! Some ideas include the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Fern Bank Museum (educational!), going camping, a day at the lake, or (my most popular choice for Atlanta families) a horseback riding or four wheeling adventure at Callidora Ranch!

    These adventurous spring family photo ideas for Atlanta families suit every age group and are soo much fun!

    exciting and adventurous Spring family photo session at Callidora Ranch in georgia!

  5. Last but not least, remember your own love!
    Yeah, definitely don’t forget about that!If you have a partner, you have a beautiful connection… You met, probably fell in love immediately, and maybe even got married (I say probably because we all have a different story).
    If you’re a single parent, I know thats been its own beautiful (and probably difficult) journey as well.Since the kids came along (fur babies count too!), I know life has probably been crazy.  So, no matter what you’ve been up to, one thing is for sure— you’ve been giving a lot of yourself and its totally and 100% a good idea to give yourself a moment of love as well. Take some photos together or alone, and enjoy?

So, even though I am not a full-time family photographer in Atlanta, I promise you’re in good hands. I love connecting with people in the small moments, and I cherish the opportunity to tell authentic stories. That’s really what it all comes down to.

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