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Best Wedding Venues Near Atlanta

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When you get engaged, it can be really difficult to figure out the best wedding venues near Atlanta. To start, just think about your own personality— What would you do for fun? Are you two adventurous, and love to be near the mountains? Are you more classic, and love the idea of a French inspired chateau? Or, do you both love the city and industrial architecture? If so, maybe your wedding venue should be at a place in the mountains, at a winery, or in the city! It’s up to you, and I can definitely help you narrow it down.

The best wedding venues near Atlanta can be a tough list to curate. So, I’ve done it for you.

You can also check out the page on my website, which is completely dedicated to this! You can find it right here.

Choosing a wedding reception location involves more than just making sure all your guests can fit comfortably into the space. This location is where the majority of the wedding day festivities will take place so there needs to be enough room to accommodate eating, dancing, socializing, and all the other fun activities that happen at receptions like cutting the cake and throwing the wedding bouquet.

Some couples will choose larger-sized hotels or event halls for their wedding receptions because typically, everything they need to pull off this memorable event is right there on-site. As an added bonus, these types of wedding reception locations usually include the services of a wedding coordinator who will work with the couple to meet their every need. And the great thing about having a reception in a hotel or resort is that overnight accommodations are easy peasy!


Selecting a wedding location as soon as possible is highly advisable, especially if you need to accommodate a large guest count and especially if your wedding will be held during the busy season.


Although you do not need a firm head count, you will need an estimate. Not every venue can accommodate 250+ guests. Also, determine your wedding reception budget beforehand as this likely will have an impact on your wedding reception location options. You may want to consider booking and planning your wedding off-season, when rates on reception locations will typically be much lower. Keep in mind that there might not be the absolute perfect wedding venue, but you can certainly get very close. For the best wedding venues near Atlanta, you will have to find some shortcuts or you will get burned out trying.

The best shortcut is to ask wedding pros who have worked at all the major wedding venues in the area – like me.

There are a few things to think about. It’s customary to make a down payment to reserve the space and date, which is typically non-refundable. You’ll also want to make sure you understand the cancellation policy as it may involve more than losing your deposit. And make sure to discuss your arrival and departure times to make sure all the elements you have planned can be accommodated during this timeframe.

Besides the types of venues already mentioned, plenty of other wedding reception location options are available, and they each vary in terms of space, price and amenities. Therefore, it’s important to pay close attention when visiting the ones you’re considering. It’s also important to note that smaller gatherings can be held at places such as at home, a museum, a botanical garden, or a park. Although these may be smaller in size, the details will still need to be coordinated by someone so don’t forget to ask for help, even if that means hiring a wedding coordinator.


When you’re looking at wedding reception locations, try to plan out the space, much like you would if you were buying or renting a home. Where will dining and dancing take place? Where will the guest book and place cards be located? Will you need a stage for your musicians? Are there electrical outlets for the DJ? Your photographer will want to know about the lighting and whether there’s a suitable location to take wedding party and family  photos. Is there a way to control the temperature? If the reception will be outdoors, you’ll need a back-up in the event of uncooperative weather, which may add to your costs.

What would be your perfect wedding location / perfect wedding venue?  Whatever it may be, reach out to me. I can help you. And I want to. I want to personally share with you the best wedding venues near Atlanta. At least, what I think they are based on my experiences.

I want to be your Atlanta wedding photographer and/or your portrait photographer. So, let’s chat soon. I know we can make something beautiful happen at one of the best wedding venues near Atlanta.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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You’re awesome. I hope this helped you know a little bit more about the best wedding venues near Atlanta! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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