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The Cator Woolford Gardens | Atlanta Wedding and Engagement Location

For those of you who know me, you know that I LOVE to travel. Especially for your wedding, engagement, and family photos… Its so much fun to just get away and explore somewhere new together! But, when we can’t go far, I always suggest the Cator Woolford Gardens wedding and event space. For being right […]

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For those of you who know me, you know that I LOVE to travel. Especially for your wedding, engagement, and family photos… Its so much fun to just get away and explore somewhere new together! But, when we can’t go far, I always suggest the Cator Woolford Gardens wedding and event space. For being right in the middle of the city, I love that it feels secluded! It’s like you’re able to leave the city and step into a quieter, older world. Now imagine you’re surrounded by 39 acres of Italian gardens… Super romantic for your wedding and engagement photos! Am I right?!


Naturally, when Fawn and Whitfield asked me to join them for their engagement photos at the Cator Woolford Gardens, I was so excited! (Also, aren’t their names adorable and so fitting?!) I’ve photographed several weddings at this venue, but this would be the first time we’d really have some time to just go slow and walk through the gardens alone.


But before we get to their photos, lets talk about these gardens as a wedding venue! You’re probably wondering what makes these gardens so special.  Well, to begin, its right in the heart of Atlanta! And finding a green, secluded, peaceful wedding venue like the Cator Woolford Gardens in Atlanta can just be really difficult sometimes. Especially if you’re not wanting to spend several thousands at the Swan House Gardens (I have a blog post about this venue too)!


Simply put, the Cator Woolford Gardens wedding venue is beautiful, intimate, and all-inclusive.



Their Italian-style gardens set an impressive scene for your guests, and the comprehensive packages that they offer make it a breeze to have your wedding there. Thats super important too…. I know that your foremost goal with having a wedding is to celebrate your love with friends and loved ones. Not to be focused on making sure the day goes smoothly, dealing with set up and tear down, etc. etc..  Alongside your wedding planner and I (your super knowledgeable and experienced Atlanta wedding photographer), the team at Cator Woolford Gardens take care of the details. Now you can just focus on creating the perfect night!


Oh, and did I mention that they have on-site overnight lodging with a bridal suite the night before your wedding day? Thats a huge plus, especially when the bridal suite is full of big windows. But all of this is still not nearly as exciting as this one fact right here. When you book the Cator Woolford Gardens for your wedding, the proceed go straight to helping the Frazer Center! That means that you are directly supporting the Frazer Center’s nonprofit work for children and adults with developmental disabilities, by celebrating your love. It feels good to be able to give back, and working with a venue like the Cator Woolford Gardens (and with J.J. Au’Clair**) you’re able to let your love give back to your local and global communities!

**Yes, my favorite part about J.J. Au’Clair is that I am able to give back to the global community with 15% from every photo session and wedding we do together. Last year we were able to donate to help build a children’s orphanage, community center, senior’s home, and give to 2 local schools on the mountain near by! Its beautiful, and I’m so thankful that we can do this together. Ok, ok, back to the post?


With an all-inclusive rental package and a built-in rain plan, weddings at Cator Woolford Gardens come with everything you didn’t know you needed!

So, if you’re looking for an opulent and sprawling garden space with everything you could ever need for your wedding, Cator Woolford Gardens are the way to go. Just see for yourself, and check out a few of the photos below.

The romantic old world stairs are such a perfect photo back drop at the Cator Woolford Gardens. The Cator Woolford Gardens has so many pretty little photo op spots! Perfect for your engagement, family, or wedding photos in Atlanta We found a really pretty and secluded spot in the Cator Woolford Gardens wedding venue to recreate a wedding photo for their 1 year anniversary!

To learn more about the Cator Woolford Gardens venue, or if you’re all ready book them for your special day, check out their website here!


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Once you’ve chosen your perfect wedding venue, send me a message using my contact form. Let’s work together to make magic, celebrate your love, and give back to our global community!

I’m excited to meet you and photograph your wedding!

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