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Cherry Hollow Farm Wedding | A Peaky Blinders Inspired Affair

This is a particularly special wedding for me to feature. Lauren and Mark are so precious, and they were so laid back! They really had fun with their Cherry Hollow Farm wedding, and my favorite part: It was 1920’s Peaky Blinders Inspired! The brick walls, the historic barns, and the gorgeous old-American fields with horses and other livestock […]

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This is a particularly special wedding for me to feature. Lauren and Mark are so precious, and they were so laid back! They really had fun with their Cherry Hollow Farm wedding, and my favorite part: It was 1920’s Peaky Blinders Inspired!

The brick walls, the historic barns, and the gorgeous old-American fields with horses and other livestock makes it for a unique and special wedding venue. Now you may be thinking “It’s really hard to theme a venue in 1920’s America correctly, isn’t it?” Yes. I completely agree. It *is* really easy to have the venue look run down or cheesy when you’re adhering to a certain theme, but Cherry Hollow Farm in Chattahochee Hills, Georgia was the perfect backdrop!

They’re not technically a themed venue, Cherry Hollow Farm is really just a venue that fit the script perfectly. It would also do so well for an intimate wedding in the country, a country couture gala, or even something elegant with a more industrial and old-world feel (American old-world, or course). Its close to Atlanta, and nearby to Foxhall Resort and Serenbe Farms as well. (<— P.S. I’ve photographed at these venues as well, so check out their links at the bottom of this page)



Both Lauren and Mark got ready on site. And let me say, the bride and groom’s rooms there are gorgeous! Granted, the initial room was very, very dark. It was perfect and moody for the guys, but it was a little dark for the ladies photos. Of course, that didn’t stop me! I have over 10 years of experience and was able to work around that nooo problem. Thankfully, they had another suite available, an old chapel, which they quickly offered to Lauren for finishing up getting ready! Seriously, that restored chapel! Absolutely Stunning. We took photos there while Lauren dressed with her mom. I could not have picked a better spot, Cherry Hollow Farm is where its at.

I also want to give a quick shout out to the wedding and event team at Cherry Hollow, they are all so helpful and kind! They made this wedding day run smooth and easy.


Now, usually the focus is all on the girls. But Mark and his boys really deserve a shout out for this one, too! They dressed according to British 1920’s fashion for men, drawing inspiration from the T.V. show The Peaky Blinders. The guys looked absolutely dashing, and the twill suits paired with brown leather boots was a perfect combination for the surroundings. Mark and his groomsmen were so dapper, and they really owned the vibe of the 1920’s and 30’s.

Lauren also rocked in the 1920’s Peaky Blinders inspired wedding look, with bright red lips’ curly updo, lace, and even a fur shawl. Her beautiful bridesmaids kept it simple but sultry with deep berry lips and gowns for the night. Really ladies, you rocked it!


Can we also quickly talk about how sweet this couple is? I mean, come on. As if the wedding venue isn’t awesome enough, this couple is amazing. They were both so laid back on their wedding day, and their deep rooted love for each other showed through time and time again before the ceremony. They had a quiet time to give each other gifts beforehand (and I definitely left before they finished, just so they could have a private moment). It was beautiful. It is moments like these that make me cherish the fact that I am a wedding photographer in Atlanta, Savannah, and the beyond.


Cherry Hollow Farm is an excellent indoor or outdoor venue to get married in Atlanta. It is also gaining in popularity, which is just awesome to see happen!


Enough about my opinions now, though!  Check out Mark and Lauren’s amazing day at the Cherry Hollow Farm wedding venue. And as always, please contact me if you have any questions about this venue, or any other. Let me be your resource. I’m happy to share my 10+ years of experience as a wedding photographer with you!



Pretty wedding details in the bridal chapel suite at Cherry Hollow Farm in Chattahoochee Hills, GA Cherry Hollow Farm is a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor wedding. Its beautifully maintained and perfect for any wedding occasion! Bridal getting ready details! Makeup is truly and art form, and having an Atlanta wedding photographer to capture it well can be hard to come by! Bridal getting ready details at the gorgeous white chapel at Cherry Hollow Farm! That lace dress is stunning, isn't it?! Sweet moments getting ready with momma in the bridal suite at Cherry Hollow Farm, right before the first look. Dapper groomsmen photos in the guy's lounge at Cherry Hollow Farm Fun bridal party photos before the ceremony at this Peaky Blinders 1920's inspired wedding at Cherry Hollow Farm! Dapper 1920's inspired groomsmen photos wearing brown leather boots and twill suits at Cherry Hollow Farm Winter Wedding at Cherry Hollow Farm, gorgeous 1920's inspired couple and double exposures under the veil Who doesn't love a floating veil shot? From a gorgeous winter wedding at the Cherry Hollow Farm just outside of Atlanta

Evening outdoor reception at the Cherry Hollow Farm wedding venue in Chattahoochee Hills, GA Dancing in the boiler room at Cherry Hollow Farm! Both the couple's first dance and dances with dad are equally important in my opinion! If you're having a 1920's inspired wedding, always try for a getaway in a vintage car!!

To get more information about Cherry Hollow Farm, and to book the venue, check out their website here!


Want to see more venues that I love in Atlanta? If you love this style, then maybe you’ll love some of these other ones too! Feel free to check these out:


Also, once you’ve chosen the perfect venue for your wedding, send me a message using my contact form?

I’d love to photograph your wedding and can’t wait to chat with you!

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  1. Kyle Goldie says:

    Such a cool blog post about the Cherry Hollow Farm wedding venue! Thanks so much for writing about it. I’ve been so curious. YAY!

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