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5 Mistakes Brides Often Make When Choosing an Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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So you’re getting married, and you’re looking for a photographer to capture those special moments of your big day…. You may be wondering “How do I pick the right photographer?” Well don’t worry! I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 10 years, and I’m here to share with you  The 5 Mistakes Brides Often Make When Choosing an Atlanta Wedding Photographer.




And after reading this blog post, you will know what to look out for and what questions to ask. My goal is to give you as much information as possible, so you can make the right choice for yourself. So let’s dive in!



  1. Not having a personal connection with their photographer before their wedding day/not having an engagement session to make sure you mesh together. Your wedding photographer and their team will be spending the most time with you, and sharing some of your most intimate moments. Make sure you get along with and feel you could be friends with your photography team. Questions to ask yourself: Do I love their work? Is our energy similar and mesh well? Do I trust them professionally? Are we of similar values? This sweet couple wanted to connect with their Alabama wedding photographer. They did research to find someone playful, authentic, and who shot film. They love their wedding photos!



  1. Setting their budget low or hiring a friend, hoping to still get incredible and intentional imagery. If the answer to the first mentioned questions is a resounding yes, you need to consider your budget for the day. Do the photographers you have chosen fit in your budget? If not, how valuable are your photos to you? Do they offer packages which bundle the most important things you’re hoping for? Our most popularly chosen package offers 8 hours wedding coverage, an engagement session, and a wedding album.

    Choosing your Atlanta wedding photographer shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  2. Not discussing what is most important to you with your photographer. Think about what you value most for your wedding: if you’re looking for highly posed and editorial photos, or if you’re wanting more intimate and raw documentation imagery. If you hope to have lots of documented unseen moments, you’ll want to be sure your package or photo studio includes a second shooter. You’ll want a creative director if you are desiring more editorial and striking imagery. We value both of these things at JJ Au’Clair, which is why we always have a creative director at every wedding, and for consultation beforehand, as well as package options that offer second shooting. This mixture offers the perfect balance of editorial, honest, and creative imagery that you can cherish for a lifetime.


  3. Hiring based off a great Instagram aesthetic or a few incredible website images. Ask to see a full album. Many photographers only showcase their best online, which might not be an accurate reflection of the entire day. Ie. day-time outdoor photos vs indoor low-light reception and dancing photos. I’m always happy to offer a preview through easy access to a full online gallery, just like what you would receive your photos in.  Then you can know what to expect for your own gallery delivery. This sweet couple found the right Atlanta wedding photographer by doing research! They knew what they wanted out of their photos, and hired me to be their film Alabama Wedding Photographer.
  4. Forgetting to ask about image archival. Every photographer has a different method of saving your images, delivering your images, and archiving your images. Some photographers deliver your images on a USB or Disk, while others only offer prints. We deliver your wedding images in an online gallery where you can easily access them for up to 10 years. I always keep a professional archival of all the film negatives, which can be taken home and stored as a personal heirloom for generations to come. This ensures you’ll have easy access to your images over the years (I think this is extremely important).


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