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Insurance for your Destination Wedding

It’s a no-brainer to say that a wedding is a major investment. In the United States, the average cost of a wedding is in the tens of thousands and higher! Weddings are the product  of years of love, trust, and a desire for the couple to express themselves. It takes lots of savings for most families to produce a […]

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It’s a no-brainer to say that a wedding is a major investment. In the United States, the average cost of a wedding is in the tens of thousands and higher! Weddings are the product  of years of love, trust, and a desire for the couple to express themselves. It takes lots of savings for most families to produce a meaningful and fun celebration. Especially if they’re choosing to have their wedding at a destination. Thats why I want to talk with you today about insurance for your destination wedding.


When you consider the expense and extravagance of  most weddings, and the dozens of factors that could put a wedding at risk, it is no surprise that more and more couples are purchasing wedding insurance. From tropical storms, illnesses and deaths, to caterers and dress shops that go bankrupt,  or even cold feet! You never really know what’s going to come your way.




So, what is the wedding insurance?

Depending on what plan you choose, wedding insurance is a kind of insurance that covers the potential disasters surrounding a wedding. In essence, it reduces your risk and relives much of the financial burden in case disaster strikes. Which of course, we hope never happens to us!

I personally was surprised to learn that the number one most common wedding insurance claim revolves around the wedding dress. And since the wedding dress is such an integral and, often times, expensive part of a wedding, it is often a focus point for couples who buy wedding insurance.


Couples who are traveling for their wedding may be especially considering travel insurance, or a wedding insurance policy made for destination weddings. Traveler’s insurance is technically different from wedding insurance. And while a traveler’s insurance policy will likely cover your possessions as you travel (i.e. the dress), it is not guaranteed. If you choose to just purchase traveler’s insurance for your wedding, go over the policy with your agent to be sure the dress is covered. Thankfully, many wedding insurance plans actually extend their coverage throughout the United States, and even offer additional travel insurance! So,  if you are planning a destination wedding, then I highly recommend purchasing a wedding insurance policy that contains provisions for travel!


These kinds of destination wedding insurance policies typically cost no more that 1,000 dollars. Even for a wedding at (or above) the average cost of 27,000 dollars, that’s a huge bargain! In addition to covering a damaged or misplaced dress, most wedding insurance policies will also cover broken or lost wedding gifts, damaged wedding photographs or videos, deadbeat destination venues, or  even last minute cancellations.


No matter if your wedding is here in Santa Barbara or overseas, let's talk about destination wedding insurance.


If you are getting married overseas, you should definitely be searching for destination wedding insurance!



I know its not fun, or something we like to think about. However, all in all, I believe travel and/or wedding insurance can be a good investment. Mostly this comes from my empathetic side. I would so hate to see someone that I love have their wedding ruined by unfortunate circumstances out of their control. I’d honestly hate it even more if I was the one footing the bill for a wedding that had to be re-scheduled, or worse, cancelled!


So let’s say you’re interested. There are tons of options out there.  What’s a good rate? Is it really worth it? You may have several questions, and not feel sure where to begin.  Don’t worry! I’ve done the research and have listed below several resources for you to check out and learn more about wedding insurance. Here are some links I found super helpful for you to peruse:


At the end of the day, don’t let insurance and anxiety get in the way of you and your dream destination wedding!  You’ve probably travelled before and know that this is life. So pack up, triple-check your list, and have fun with it all!  It’s YOUR wedding.  Yes, you want to be careful to be precise with the wedding planning. But once that is done, and you have a solid team of vendors helping you for the day, its time to just go with the flow.  Things don’t always go as planned, but that big day does go by quickly.  So, Live in it and soak every moment up!  You’ll have to rely on your wedding planner, venue, and destination wedding photographer team.



As always, message me if you have any questions about this blog post, or anything else wedding related! Destination or local, I’m here to serve you.

I’m excited to chat soon!


P.S. If you’re excited about a destination wedding, feel free to check out these other posts on the topic below!




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