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More Tools I love (and needed)

Honestly, without these tools, accountability (my coach is awesome), and podcasts, I wouldn't be here today. 

Below I've got collections of awesome tools and humans I've worked with, life changing software, favorite equipment, how-tos, and more.

Just check it out and know these two things:

1. This is completely personal. I'm sharing businesses and tools I've used to give you additional insight and encouragement.
2. If you choose to try any of these services I've suggested, know that some of the programs have made me an affiliate, and I would receive a commission in return for sharing it with you. That being said, I completely stand behind these tools (and awesome humans) and use them for myself as well. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to talk more about anything I've shared below! 

Most people don't think they have the money to invest in a business coach. If you're struggling to make money and don't already have a thriving business, you may not feel you can invest the money right now. <—— That was my mindset too! However, I chose to take a leap of faith because I was at my wits end! I'd been in and out of this "business" for years. I had a great collection of work and happy clients, but I was burnt out, and consistently struggling to stay booked. 

If you relate to anything I just said, then keep reading. This is for you, friends. 

Last year, Kyle was able to review my struggling business, and make an actionable outline for me to do a complete 180! He’s a real person, with experience in creating several SUCCESSFUL creative businesses. What is more? He treated ME like a real person who wanted results and to feel inspired in my vocation at the same time. He’s changed my life, and honestly, I would happily pay him more money ALL over again just because he goes so above and beyond. It’s nice to have someone rooting for you, and genuinely invested in your success.

Since I’ve started with Kyle I've started getting consistent inquiries every month (even since Covid), and I got my first EMAIL booking within 6 weeks (I totally cried when they signed, and he was right there cheering me on... literally)!!   You can read more about my experience HERE at this blog post.

I made all of the money I spent on Elite coaching and website building back within the first 6 weeks, so it’s been all profit from here!! So, if you're in a similar rut, I suggest you get off the fence and
👏🏻do👏🏻yourself👏🏻 a👏🏻favor! Invest in yourself!!  

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...Or Need More Info First?

...Or Need More Info First?

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ELITE Coaching

My Biggest Support for all things business

Check back soon to see my favorite episodes!

My favorite podcast for wellness and mindset

The choice to begin using 17Hats for my Customer Relation Management (CRM) was a suggestion from my business coach, Kyle. And let me tall you, 17Hats has completely changed my workflow! It automates every follow up email according to my brand, takes care of invoicing and payment collection, and has a system for quotes and contracts. The best part is, you can integrate them all together, which actually speeds up my booking process (without me needing to guide it every step of the way). I legitimately love 17Hats, and can't imagine doing business without it! Ready to use this life-changing CRM software to level up your business?

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My favorite business tool for giving me my time back

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