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Why You Want to Elope to Charleston

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Romance, travel, relaxation and privacy for your nuptials. Let’s talk elopements! More specifically, let’s talk about why you want to elope to Charleston! Eloping isn’t a new idea in the wedding world, but the taboo associated with it has dissipated for couples today. Gone are the days of eloping being equivalent with “getting married in a hurry”. Today, it is considered an adventurous and relaxed approach! And one that more couples are choosing to do each year.

Refined Charleston Elopement photography by J.J. Au'Clair, serving extraordinary couples in coastal places.

Wherever you choose to elope, whether Charleston or somewhere else, I am happy to be your coastal destination elopement photographer!


Why elope?

There are several reasons to elope. First, you might want to cut the budget for your ceremony, and have a bigger reception. Or maybe you want to travel to an amazing destination, like Charleston or the Amalfi Coast, and say your vows in privacy. Some couples want to celebrate their love without the expectations of their family and friends (or the drama). And many couples want to have their vows and portraits in a laid back environment, possibly even in a location that would be impossible with a crowd.


Elegant coastal elopement photography by J.J. Au'Clair, serving Charleston, Savannah, Oahu, and other beachfront and oceanic wedding destinations.


Whatever the reason, eloping is a fantastic way to celebrate your marriage! I love being a Charleston elopement photographer, and I can’t wait to be a part of this journey with you.


Why Charleston is such a perfect and beautiful coastal city to elope for your wedding.


With over 350 years of history, Charleston is a rich and diverse coastal city filled with beautiful architecture and fresh seafood. There is no wonder that it has been named one of the most romantic cities in the United States! And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


So let’s talk about it. Here are my reasons why I love Charleston as an elopement destination!


  • Romance and the sea just go together. This is my number one reason why I love Charleston, South Carolina for a wedding or elopement.
  • The whole city feels like a fine art backdrop! Maybe it’s the city’s age, or perhaps is all the different countries of influence that have infused the color and architecture. Its like wherever you go is perfect for your elopement photos (depending on the mood you want)!
  • Wedding Vendors. Having an elopement doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful affair, or even a small reception for friends and family. Eloping to Charleston will ensure that you have access to lots of incredible wedding vendors (like me). And quality vendors will ensure beautiful memories and a fantastic experience for you and your guests, should you choose to celebrate with them after your vows.
  • Though Charleston maintains the charm of the South, it also holds enough European flair to transport me somewhere further away. Maybe to another time, or even culture.
  • Food! I know I already mentioned this earlier, but fresh seafood is something that we often miss when living in other parts of the US. And you can’t go wrong with crab, oysters, and fresh fish. Plus, if you choose to elope, you can put more in your budget to try some tasty new spots to eat while you’re traveling!
  • Who doesn’t love a soft, warm ocean breeze tinted by the smell of salt?! Need I say more?
  • Budget. If you’re wanting to elope somewhere romantic, unique, with a European flair— Charleston is the place to go. It’s easy to travel to, and most accommodations are reasonably in budget when you compare to traveling abroad to Europe.


Romantic elopements are a given when you're in Charleston and you have J.J. Au'Clair as your fine art elopement photographer!


If you’re ready to plan your Charleston elopement, I’d love to be a resource for you!


Seriously, I’ve been a wedding and elopement photographer in Charleston, Savannah, and other coastal regions for 10+ years! I love my job, and my number one goal is to empower my friends (aka, my couples) to have their dream wedding experience.


So wether you’ve booked me yet, or not, I’d love to help you. Not just with your elopement photography either, I have years of experience in this industry and can help you find vendors, venues, and the best engagement and elopement locations in Charleston!


Just send me a message and let’s create magic together!


While you’re here, I have a few more resources I’d love to share with you! Check out these blog posts below for inspiration, venue ideas, and more!


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