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I want to take a little detour today from our usual program and talk about the power of giving back! A few years ago, I felt a tug on my heart to give back to our global community. To shift the way that I do business, to include a way to love on others, to make […]

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I want to take a little detour today from our usual program and talk about the power of giving back!

A few years ago, I felt a tug on my heart to give back to our global community. To shift the way that I do business, to include a way to love on others, to make our planet a kinder and more peaceful place for life to grow.

At the time I was in college at the Miami Ad School in Atlanta for Photography, and feeling a bit empty. I didn’t feel like what I was pursuing held any purpose. As a kid, I had always looked up to photographers like Sam Abell and Jodi Cobb. Sure, I was making art, but I knew that wasn’t enough. Even photographing weddings felt so clean. As a fine art wedding photographer, I was documenting and expressing love, but only in its most beautiful forms. It was easy to digest.

 How could I be a fine art wedding photographer and still be giving back to society!?


This took me on a personal journey, to explore love across cultures and to promote environmentalism in the way I do everything. I now want to share the journey with you!



Every year, I donate 15% of my profits to great causes.  In particular, in 2019, I (with your help) partnered closely with the Home of Refuge to help build an orphanage, senior citizens home, and to help rebuild two schools in Cartompata, near Cuzco, Peru. I visited for the first time in March of 2019, and documented some of the work being done while I was there. Of course, a lot has changed since then! The orphanage, community center, and senior citizen’s home are all built now, and have opened the doors to the local community.


In the some of the photos below you’ll see a large family (5 of the 8) that I photographed a few weeks before the doors opened. The mother, Marselina, allowed me to visit their home and take a few photographs. The children that were home were the youngest that couldn’t afford to go to school. It broke my heart to physically see the pain that so many on this earth live in. Today they, and 27 other children, live at the Home of Refuge! They are all going to school and are healthy and happy.



Your wedding gives back globally by helping Children go to school in safe and clean facilities! By working with J.J. Au'Clair, your wedding helps spread love! We give back to our global community by helping underserved children go to school.

This 2020, I will be going back in early this year to meet the kids and visit the facilities that together we have helped to build and develop! You can follow along with the stories on my blog.

In addition, I want to work together to support the Oceanic Preservation Society in 2020! I know this is going to be a great year for us and the planet.

Want to see more posts on other wedding companies that give back? Feel free to check these out:


  • If you buy your wedding dress with Brides for a Cause, you help fund  the empowerment of women in America! Check out the blog post here.
  • Atlanta’s Cator Woolford Gardens wedding venue is connected to the Fraizer Center, and all profits go to help their nonprofit work for children and adults with developmental disabilities.
  • To learn more about my give-back program, check out the About page HERE and choose “giving back” from the secondary menu.


If you have any questions  (want to know more about great non profits and companies in the wedding industry to work with), please send me a message using my contact form! Let’s work together to make magic, celebrate your love, and give back to our global community!

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