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Kualoa Ranch: Hawaii’s Most Popular Wedding Venue

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Hey friends! I’m writing this post while dreaming about going back to Hawaii’s sunny beaches and over-sized Jurassic landscaping— which is fitting since this entire post is about Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Wedding venue! Located on Oahu’s North Shore, its the perfect destination for your wedding (big or small) or elopement.

Kualoa Ranch is an absolutely massive hawaii wedding venue, nestled inside of a 4,000 acre park!

WHOAH. Seriously, 4,000 acres is massive! And they have 4 unique wedding locations within it, one of which will be perfect for literally every dreamy destination wedding. These locations all offer something different— from secret beaches to hidden valleys, majestic mountains, and thick island jungle.

First, the buildings where you’ll be getting ready, having dinner, or staying in away from the rain are super versatile and beautiful. There are ancient Hawaiian cultural sites, historic ranch buildings, vistas with WILD views, and even a few secluded (and covered) gardens.

Also, Kualoa Ranch has tons of space to cultivate and grow their own fruits and veggies. They offer in-house catering, farm-to-table style! With fresh fish, oysters, and shrimp; natural farm raised meat, and their home grown vegetation as well.


Now, remember how I told you there are 5 different locations at Koalua Ranch for your wedding? Well, lets now chat about each one! We’ll cover pricing and views while we’re at it.?


I truly think that the Kualoa Ranch Hawaii wedding venue has it all.



This garden location is stunning and super peaceful! It’s bordering an 800 year old Hawaiian fishpond and an open air cottage that is absolutely lovely. Perfect for a gorgeous outdoor garden party, with sunset views and a really zen tropical vibe. Pricing for this location starts at $2800, depending on the day of the week!



Paliku Gardens is another garden location, but its located ABOVE the ranch. Its also much larger, with two large lawns, an upper garden, and an open-air pavilion! But the best part of this destination Kualoa Ranch wedding location is actually the views. Paliku Gardens is above the ranch, and with the elevation it offers drop-dead gorgeous views of Kaneohe Bay, the powerful Pacific Ocean, and Mokoli’i Island nearby. Pricing for this location averages at $3100, depending on the day of the week. It also includes tables and chairs with the cost of rental. 



Now lets talk about the smaller, intimate location at Koalua Ranch! Secret island is intimate, a secret white sand beach that is only accessible by a 5 minute boat ride across the 800 year old Moli’i fishpond. Once you arrive, just follow the small labyrinth of trails through the Hau trees! You’ll finally enter Kaneohe Bay, with gorgeous white sands and crystal waters— the private beach we’ve been dreaming of!

Koalua Ranch’s exclusive Secret Island is their absolutely most popular wedding location! Its seriously the best spot for wedding photos together. Its private and the perfect spot to let loose and feel like the only people on earth! Romantic? Absolutely, it is! Just arriving to this location is exhilarating!

Pricing for Secret Island Beach starts at $2800 and can host up to 50 guests! 


Koalua Ranch offers pristine private beaches, gorgeous tropical gardens, and the experience of a lifetime for your Hawaii wedding!



This is their newest wedding venue location, opening up in late 2019. Its full of gorgeous views. So if you want your wedding ceremony to be overlooking the mountains and expansive skylines, Jumanji is perfect for you! Pricing starts at $2000, depending on the day of the week.


Isn’t that such an awesome variety of venue locations to choose from!? Koalua Ranch really does have it all. And with pricing from $2000 to $3400 for your wedding day (depending on the day of week), its totally affordable for your destination wedding!


Finally, if you’re an animal lover, Koalua Ranch has tons of cows and horses! They actually have a wedding package that allows for them to release cows and horses into the surrounding areas for your guests to enjoy, pet, and photograph. Its surreal, and super exciting if you love animals as much as I do!


Oahu destination wedding photographer talks wedding venues, featuring Koalua Ranch hawaii wedding venue!

For surreal wedding photos and an incredible Hawaii wedding destination experience, check out Koalua Ranch!


My goal as your passionate and supportive destination wedding photographer is to empower you! Be fearless, be your best self, and know I’m here every step of the way.  You are beyond worthy of beautiful memories and authentic love. Let’s do this together!

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