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New Orleans City Park Wedding Inspiration

When I think of a romantic city in the Southeast, and I mean romantic to the core, the first place that pops into my mind is New Orleans. Its a cultural melting pot with deep history, shrouded in mystery, and the birth place of Jazz! So, this New Orleans City Park wedding inspiration began when I […]

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When I think of a romantic city in the Southeast, and I mean romantic to the core, the first place that pops into my mind is New Orleans. Its a cultural melting pot with deep history, shrouded in mystery, and the birth place of Jazz! So, this New Orleans City Park wedding inspiration began when I got the opportunity to visit last Summer.  I knew I really wanted to create something beautiful and focused on the land, which is why City Park was the perfect venue!


New Orleans is the perfect destination for a romantic wedding. And if you’re looking for a great venue or photo backdrop, a New Orleans City Park wedding is just to die for!


I just wanted to connect with a local who really captured the energy of the locale. This is where local artist, Farah Bilah, comes in! From the moment I saw her on instagram, I knew we’d be friends. She is vibrant, confident, and brimming with inspiration. Farah captures the essence of New Orleans in a nutshell, and seriously, she is stunningly beautiful. I felt connected to her right away, and was beyond thankful when she agreed to work with Jordan and me. (For those who don’t know, Jordan is my talented assistant on wedding days and more consistently known as my best travel buddy!)


Before we get looking at these gorgeous photos with dress inspiration and wander-lust inspiring backdrops, I’d love to share with you. I want to share with you my reasons for loving New Orleans weddings!




  1. New Orleans is an underrated wedding destination, but isn’t too far from home. Of course, this depends on where you live, but as a girl from the Southeast, I’m used to traveling super long distances to see a real change of scenery. Which is partially why it is so special to me. Its right in my backyard! A New Orleans Destination Wedding may be one of the most romantic and unique events of your life. And if you’re anything like I am, you’ll find this low country wedding destination exciting and elegant, even if its close to home!
  2. Jazz Music. You might not feel the same way about Jazz and Blues as I do, but hearing someone belt out their soul on the saxophone is sexy. Thats the whole vibe I get as I walk the deserted morning streets with their French inspired architecture. I can practically (and sometimes literally) hear Louisiana Blues while I walk around to find a chicory coffee. It just oozes with raw yet elegant energy that I want to tap into! It translates perfectly for a New Orleans destination wedding with portraits at City Park.
  3. Coffee and Beignets, anyone!? This is probably coming from the kid inside me. People watching at Cafe Du Monde over a cup of coffee and oversized Beignets… That’s a really, really happy place for me! Honestly, doing this together before your engagement or anniversary photo session is a great way for us to break the ice and get comfortable! Heck, I love New Orleans for more than just a destination wedding, its a gorgeous backdrop for all kinds of photo sessions.
  4. Trolly rides are so much fun! If you’re having a New Orleans City Park wedding, you’ll definitely want to take a quick trolly ride together after the ceremony. That way, we can get some super iconic photos with both of you together! And all while traveling to your awesome reception venue.
  5. New Orleans is for everyone! Now, I don’t mean that in an ordinary way. I actually mean that in a super fun, inclusive, and loving way! New Orleans has a magical and accepting quality to it. You can be from anywhere. Be as unique as you want to be, and the people you meet will be excited with you!  This is really helpful for your own wedding. Whether you’re LGBTQ+ or if you’ve got some special elements you’d like to include for your wedding day, everything goes! Black dress, no dress, 1920’s inspired, or just a CRAZY party. Your New Orleans destination wedding can be everything you’ve ever dreamed.


Now that you’ve got these in mind, you’re probably ready to see some beautiful inspiration photos! Keep scrolling below to check it out.

Check out this lovely New Orleans City Park wedding inspiration photo session.


New Orleans City Park is the perfect backdrop for your Louisiana destination wedding.  This New Orleans City Park wedding had such romantic bridal portraits. New Orleans destination weddings can be so elegant and fine art!

This article is really just the tip of the iceberg with New Orleans and destination weddings there. I want to share more with you!


So please, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about having a New Orleans City Park wedding, or if New Orleans is really the destination for you. If you need vendor recommendations, help with logistics and planning, or a friend to bring you Cafe Du Monde coffee the day of your wedding, I’m your girl. When you choose to book me, you’ll be booking more than just a photographer to show up and photograph your wedding. You’re choosing to work with a friend, and I can’t wait to meet you!


While you’re here, check out these pages I’ve made dedicated to some of my favorite wedding destinations! There are also some links to destination blog posts that you won’t want to miss out on!



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