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Oak Hollow Farm | A Fairhope, Alabama Wedding Venue

Whenever a couple of mine tells me that they are going to have a destination wedding, I do a little happy dance at my desk! Well, its more goofy wanna-be hiphop than cute… And honestly, I haven’t gotten many Alabama destination weddings.  Which isn’t really fair, since they have a beautiful beach and even a […]

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Whenever a couple of mine tells me that they are going to have a destination wedding, I do a little happy dance at my desk! Well, its more goofy wanna-be hiphop than cute… And honestly, I haven’t gotten many Alabama destination weddings.  Which isn’t really fair, since they have a beautiful beach and even a few nature preserves. So when this Oak Hollow Farm wedding came around, with a reception at Little Point Clear Suites and Space, I was excited to see something new!


Of course, my assistant and I went to Alabama’s Mobile Bay a day early to scope out the area and get a feel for the locale. Wow. So much of that area was just beautiful, untouched bay coastline. The air smelled like salt, with gorgeous soft breezes wafting in from the sea. I immediately knew that Samantha and Greg’s wedding was going to be perfect.


For their outdoor wedding at the Oak Hollow Farm, Samantha and Greg got ready 10 minutes from the ceremony site at Little Point Clear Suites and Space (the reception venue). It’s also a boutique hotel, and let me tell you…  Samantha’s bridal suite, in particular, was absolutely gorgeous.  The aesthetic at Clear Suites in Little Point was PERFECT for getting ready, with her suite having plenty of room for her, her girlfriends, mom, and the flower girls! Plus their belongings, dresses, makeup, etc. (And you can imagine how hectic getting ready can be). Also, the light was gorgeous up there, meaning photos with the girls and mimosas before she got into the dress were a breeze. She never even needed to leave the privacy of their space, which was great since Greg and the guys were right down stairs!  And both of them were very comfortable getting ready while the venue prepared the public spaces for the reception that evening.


From the cute satin PJs that her bridesmaids wore to the fans that doubled as a program for the ceremony, no details were overlooked. We’ll talk more about this later!


I guess you could say, I really loved photographing this Oak Hollow Farm wedding.


The property around Oak Hollow Farm is beautiful, with water and a massive live oak tree. The little flower girls loved running around in the tall grass, which was really precious. Of course, as you can tell by these photos, there are several spaces throughout the farm for gorgeous photos, as a first look or with the whole bridal party! We chose to have their first look completely private, and arrived to Oak Hollow before the rest of the bridal party and family by about 20 minutes. This was really great to give them a few moments completely alone before the photos, ceremony, then the party to follow (And they really enjoyed their party, which is awesome!)


After we took their couple and bridal party photos, I headed over to capture their ceremony details before guests arrived. And I would love to talk about their details! Samantha and Greg’s decor was romantic, feminine, and with a touch of shabby chic. Everything felt so bright and feminine, yet the outdoors nature make it rustic. And the reception at Little Point Clear Suites and Space was equally perfect for this romantic and chic affair. I think it was exactly what they wanted and really matched them as a couple— which always makes me happy!


This destination wedding has two venues that really are a perfect pair! Perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony and a partially covered reception. You’ll see it in the photos today!



Now, I’m going to hop up onto a soap box for a second here. As an Atlanta and Destination wedding photographer, there is one thing I can’t stress enough. This is that you make sure you take the freedom to express yourself on your wedding day! You and your partner both. You have a style, voice, and relationship that is completely unique, with a story that is only yours to share. Your wedding day is a day that you publicly choose to do life together, before everyone in your life (that you want to be there). You choose to love that person, and to fight for that person when they’re feeling down. You’re becoming your own family. This is beautiful. It’s personal. And it’s meant to be expressed honestly, and joyfully! 

After the ceremony you have the opportunity to have a huge party with everyone special in your life, to celebrate! And its most likely going to be one of the biggest party you’ll ever throw (for most people, anyway). So, have a party where you can express yourselves, and that you’ll look back on fondly. Style isn’t everything, but it sure is fun?





Samantha, the bride, reads a letter from her groom before she gets ready for their destination wedding day at Oak Hollow Farm in Fairhope, AL Sweet moments together before getting ready at the Little Point Clear Suites and Space for a fun destination wedding in Fairhope, AL! Sweet getting ready details of the bride before her Oak Hollow Farm wedding The first look by the lagoon at Oak Hollow Farm was absolutely perfect! Oak Hollow Farm was the perfect backdrop for these gorgeous floral details and the bride with her bridesmaids. Your wedding day is all about having fun together! Oak Hollow Farm offers a great place to celebrate togetherAs an Atlanta and Destination wedding photographer, this wedding at Oak Hollow Farm in Fairhope Alabama was a favorite. Shot alongside Kiley Lane Carpenter! Gorgeous wedding details ate the Oak Hollow Farm ceremony space! Soft breezes are always present at a Fairhope Alabama wedding! It makes for a dramatic first kiss photo!

The Venue: Oak Hollow Farm (website)
The Reception: Little Point Clear Suites and Space (website)
Photographer: Kiley Lane Carpenter with Southern Frame Studio (website)
Second Destination Wedding Photographer: Janelle Rivera with J.J. Au’Clair (ME!)

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And once you’ve chosen the perfect venue for your wedding, send me a message using my contact form:) I’d love to photograph your wedding and can’t wait to chat with you!

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