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Second Shooter and Associate Shooter Guides and Contracts

When I first began photographing weddings in 2008, I remember noticing that I almost NEVER was asked to sign a second shooter contract. There were so many issues, and confusion over copyright and portfolio. I learned the hard way: You need to protect yourself, your studio, your clients, and your team. You also need clear communication. 

Grow your wedding photography Team with these

then these wedding photography contracts and studio guides are perfect for you. I've actually used these for my own business, to up-level my client experience and security while growing! Because you've worked hard to get where you're at. And wether you just want to be prepared for when the time comes (hello, two dream clients on the same date?!), or if you're planning to scale your team, these wedding photography contract bundles will have your back.

to grow your wedding photography business or photo studio AND you want dream level studio guides for your new team members

Trust me, You don't have to trial and error this.

If you're ready

The details on how I help you grow your wedding photography studio / team

This is my solid, tried and true, second shooter contract! Attorney approved and pandemic-proof, this protects you + your team.

Second Shooters

Each of my contract bundles comes with a fully editable PSD studio guide you can use to train and express how you work. Let your team represent your studio well— with no cross-over in style.

+ Studio Guides

The ever-illusive associate shooter contract, by state! Attorney approved and pandemic-proof, this protects your studio and your clients.

Associate Shooters

Two years ago, I noticed that any time I second shot for a friend, they didn't have a contract for me!

Which naturally means I was giving them my attorney approved contract for us to stay safe and legal. Around that time I was also expanding my wedding photography business and I hated writing out such long emails to my associates and second shooters. I realized that I desperately needed to create a studio employee "handbook". After 2 years of perfecting it, and interviewing/talking with other photographers, I'm thrilled to share it with you too!

I'm finally offering my photography contracts because

Today I'm sharing the culmination of years' work: in three easy bundles.

Naturally, the easiest way to get started is with a second shooter contract and "handbook" for your newest team members. Almost all of us hire second shooters, and we can't always have the same person— afterall, half of them are looking to run their own business too.

You've got to communicate clearly with your second shooters, and protect yourself. So what are you waiting for?

Start simple with the second shooter guide and contract!

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Ready to get started?

I suggest the full wedding photography contract bundle If:

You consistently hire second shooters or an assistant

Most of us are in this boat. If you're a wedding photographer, you never want to just go it alone! Whether its an assistant, or a second shooter to capture the whole day. This is the only bundle you'll find that includes contracts and guides for second shooters, associates, and a BONUS contract and guide for your assistant. 

you're getting too many inquiries & you want to expand

Everyone hopes to get to this point— but once you're there it can quickly become nerve wrecking to let go and hand the reins to someone else. Release some tension with this bundle. I've got your back.

communication and style is important to you

Clear communication and expectations are key to a successful photo team. How you present yourself is equally important to maintain respect and quality standards in your business. I'll help with both.

You are literally a life saver! Thank you so much. I can’t tell you the amount of weight you have lifted off my shoulders. Thank you❣️

- Cheyanna, Miami wedding photographers

Raving reviews for my wedding photography contracts and guides! 

Protect yourself, your clients, and your team

How does this sound?

Never again worry about if you've clearly communicated with your new team member



the results you're going to get by using my complete wedding photography contracts and guide bundles

Spend less hours on *legal stuff* and focus your energy on your clients.


Grow your wedding photography business or studio with confidence!


Feel good knowing your contracts are attorney approved and your guides are customizable, to change and grow with you.


The Wedding Photography studio contract bundle

Let's tie the knot!

After rigorous testing with myself and my team, as well as being reviewed by my attorney, this course includes everything you need to grow your wedding photography team! From assistants to second shooters, and even growing an associate studio, my wedding photography contracts and guide's bundle has your back.

So you're ready to expand your team? Whether you're looking to just add a second shooter, Or you're wanting associates— this bundle has everything you need.


You're ready to expand your team and you need a system, contracts, and employee handbook in place.

Naturally, Kyle's wedding photography course and small business coaching isn't right for just anyone. You have to be serious— you have to WANT it.

If you're serious and ready for accountability and growth, don't wait to get a conversation going with him! He's super personal, don't worry:) 

get your state-specific contract!

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