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Santorini Wedding Photographer | Tips and Advice

Many of you may not know this about me, but after I graduated high school, I wanted a break. A break from the life that I was “supposed” to live, a break from American norms. That feeling (which I acted on) is where I first realized I want to be a Santorini wedding photographer.   […]

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Many of you may not know this about me, but after I graduated high school, I wanted a break. A break from the life that I was “supposed” to live, a break from American norms. That feeling (which I acted on) is where I first realized I want to be a Santorini wedding photographer.


I choose to drop everything in my life, take all of my life savings at the time, and buy a plane ticket to Greece! Its actually funny, because at the time Greece was an arbitrary choice. I just wanted to be somewhere beautiful, by the water, with lots of gorgeous landscapes for me to photograph and explore. So I hopped online and began looking for a work-away situation or job that would allow me to afford the trip, and found a position living on a sail boat as a skipper for 4 months! BOOM. I found it. And I was off.


Living in Greece for those 4 months changed my life. For one, it completely whet my appetite for travel and adventure (hence now I’m a destination wedding photographer). But I also fell in love with a country and culture that wasn’t my own for the first time. I fell in love with food, language, and even colors!




I remember the first moment that I’d gotten a day off the ship to myself to hike the island (I was set on getting to the highest point possible to watch sunset). Looking out over the rows of blue-roofed homes, I immediately imagined how beautiful this place would be for a wedding. To this day, Greece is one of my favorite wedding destinations, and Santorini is easily the most idilic dream island of them all!

Gorgeous overlook of ocean and sailboat by Santorini wedding photographer and destination greece wedding photographer J.J. Au'Clair.



So let’s get started with some tips and advice for planning your dream destination wedding in Santorini, Greece!


First thing that’s (now) super cool about Santorini is its rugged landscaping and incredible CAVE houses. Its main towns, Fira and Oia, cling to the cliffsides of this island, hanging above a massive underwater crater! This is due to a devastating volcanic eruption in the 16th century B.C. (for all my nerds out there). So, if you’re planning an elopement or super small wedding ceremony, renting a cave house via AirBnB might be the move for you!

I’ve included some fantastic BnB options for your elopement or small wedding ceremony. Each of these have enough room for 3-5 people to stay on-site (and are located in the “major” towns, for friends and family to stay before the super small gathering).

  • Santorini Fisherman’s Cave House for 3-5 guests, perfect for a friends or family-only elopement.
  • The Hector Collection of AirBnBs is probably one of the largest, with a cave + whole villa combined for about 9 people to stay comfortably. He also has an attached “nest” BnB, which can add 2-3 more people, and perfect for a smaller wedding of 30-45 people.
  • This Architectural Cave House is from 1875, an original sailor’s home. Small, intimate, and perfect for your elopement getaway.
  • Finally, this elopement Lava Pool + Cave AirBnB is small, but absolutely stunning.

**P.S. You’ll want to double check that you’re allowed to host events at each of these locations, but at the time of writing small/reasonable-to-the-venue-sized events are allowed! ?

When you’re ready to start planning your destination Santorini wedding, I can help you find the best photo locations! I can even recommend some awesome local vendors during your planning phase. As always, my goal as your photographer is to empower you, help you through the process, and BE YOUR FRIEND.


If you’re planning to have a destination wedding or elopement, you’ll want an experienced Santorini wedding photographer to show you around!


One more thing that you may want to know about Santorini as you begin planning your destination Santorini wedding or elopement getaway is the best time of year to visit! I really recommend going no earlier than April, and no later than November. June – September are going to the be peak busy season for Santorini, and also the warmest months.

So unless you’re looking to get some serious warmth, nightlife, and swim time, I would suggest April, May, October, or November. The spring months before April are monsoon season (which is not a joke, trust me), and the months following November can really get chilly and rainy again.

All of this to day, don’t over think it! Pick a venue, pick a wedding date, and start looking for your team of people. You’ll want a bad-ass Santorini wedding photographer and friend to help you through the journey, and an incredible wedding planner and design team (I recommend Julia and Evita).

Whether you choose to keep it simple with an elopement, or more luxe and full with a wedding ceremony for friends and family to attend, Santorini is going to be a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day!


Hiring one of the best wedding photographers in Santorini is going to be crucial to keeping your memories alive for years to come. So what are you waiting for!? Let’s do this thing together!


My goal as your Santorini destination wedding photographer is to empower you! I want you to be fearless, be your best self, and be confident! Know I’m here every step of the way.

Oh! And as always, please contact me if you have any questions about this post, or planning your wedding. I’ve got years of industry experience and, as your friend, I’m more than happy to help! Drop me a line HERE.


Also, while I have you here, here are several more resources you may be interested in! Feel free to check them out and get inspired for your wedding.

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