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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Savannah Elopement

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Savannah Elopement   When thinking about eloping in Savannah, Georgia, there’s a lot to consider. Thankfully, I’ve traveled around the entire world photographing intimate weddings and elopements, and my roots are right here in the beautiful Georgia countryside. So, today – I want to chat with you about everything […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Savannah Elopement


When thinking about eloping in Savannah, Georgia, there’s a lot to consider. Thankfully, I’ve traveled around the entire world photographing intimate weddings and elopements, and my roots are right here in the beautiful Georgia countryside. So, today – I want to chat with you about everything related to having a Savannah elopement.


First off — there’s really nothing more gorgeous than getting married in Savannah.

St Simons Island wedding at musgrove retreat with a casual summer bride and groom under the magnolias and live moss.


Black and white romantic bridal portraits near live oaks in Savannah Georgia taken by J.J. Au'Clair


Groomsmen walking in Savannah while wearing black suits and ties and a sweet destination wedding couple kissing

Savannah weddings (no matter the size) are stunning.


You can choose from historic settings in town or get married surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ve ever seen. The choice is yours.


But if you’re wanting my pro advice, I highly recommend getting married underneath that incredible Spanish moss. After all, it’s what helps make Savannah Savannah. 


Whatever location that you end up deciding to tie the knot, make sure you can legally have your ceremony there. Some places are free, but others require small fees due to their popularity and property regulations. 


But that’s okay! Even these small fees are well worth it, I promise. 


Forsyth Park couple doing a first look before their intimate wedding ceremony in Savannah


Savannah weather is gorgeous pretty much all the time, too!

That said, every local knows that we can certainly get the occasional southern storm here. So, if you’re looking for the best of the best… March through June is your best bet!  Just have a look at the history of the local Savannah weather.


And if you’ve ever been here before, you know that the forecast can be fickle at best. It can say it’s going to be totally cloudy, but then the sun shines out of nowhere! And with all of that gorgeous Spanish moss, it can act as an umbrella for those rainy days.


No matter what though – rain or shine – a Savannah elopement is always a good idea.


Luxurious lesbian couple portrait with a European vespa moped and rustic chic outdoor seating for the ceremony in Savannah!


Some of the best restaurants & bars are in Savannah.

There’s the Atlantic, which is one of the most delicious places I’ve ever been to. But I might just be saying that because I’m a fan of bacon and wine pairings. I mean who wouldn’t be, right?


There’s also the Crystal Beer Parlor which goes without saying that it’s a beer-lovers paradise. Especially if you are into the Bavarian pretzels that they have to offer. 


But let’s get back to weddings and elopements, shall we?


Outdoor dock wedding at the Wyld Dock Bar in Savannah taken by J.J. Au'Clair Savannah wedding photographer

Check out some of these gorgeous Savannah wedding venues…

In no particular order at all, these wedding venues in the area are a definite short-list for you to check out when considering having a Savannah elopement:


First up, The Whitman.

With over 5,000 square feet inside this gorgeous southern mansion, you not only can host a wedding of up to ~50 people, but your closest 12-16 guests can stay right there with you! This makes it perfect for a Savannah elopement. And if you’re looking for the classic southern veranda aesthetic, make sure to take a tour of this beautiful wedding venue in Savannah.


Playful bridal party photos before an intimate Savannah wedding under the trees.

Next up, getting married on a Savannah Riverboat.

But if you love the water and you’re trying to incorporate it into your special day, look no further than the Savannah Riverboat company. Just imagine yourself saying your vows to each other atop the deck at sunset while you overlook the famous River Street. It’s every bit as dreamy as it sounds.


For more of a modern & urban wedding vibe, check out Garibaldi’s Cafe.

That’s exactly what you’ll get here! Garibaldi is super popular, so just make sure to inquire early and check this place out early.


Fine art refined couple posing editorially in Savannah outdoor venue with cypress trees

Of course, there’s also the Bethesda Cathedral.

And personally, this is one of my absolute top recommendations for the best places to get married in Savannah – whether you’re eloping or you’re having a “traditional” size wedding day. With the Spanish moss surrounding you, it’s truly one of the most beautiful places to get married in Georgia. Make sure to have a look at their website and make a special trip out to visit the location in person… because when it comes to Bethesda, you absolutely must experience its beauty to truly envision your big day here. (And once you’re walking the grounds, you’ll be able to envision it very, very easily).


Outdoor Georgia wedding under Savannah's live oaks and spanish moss showcasing the final kiss for after the ceremony!

And last but not least, the Ford Plantation.

A historic landmark, the Ford Plantation was the getaway home for the Henry Ford family. And the way the property was designed, there was no architecture or landscape feature left without thought. And if you’re looking for elegance, the Ford Plantation should absolutely be on your shortlist. This wedding venue has the waterfront vistas, the Spanish moss trees, the 5-star service, and culinary experiences, and just about everything you could ever need for a luxurious Savannah elopement.


Playful sunrise couple portraits in front of the fountain at Forsyth Park in Savannah


I hope this has helped you plan your very own Savannah elopement! And of course, if you have any questions, reach out to me directly using the contact form on my site! You know I would absolutely LOVE to be your Savannah wedding photographer no matter the size!


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