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You’re here because your love is extraordinary, and you need a Savannah wedding photographer who will nurture your creative and adventurous person within. Someone to capture the REAL you.

I know you’re looking for a wedding photographer that “gets” you. You want to proudly commemorate the spirit of your passions, experiences (and the awesome people in your life) forever. And with me, that's exactly what you'll get. I've been photographing weddings in Savannah for over 10 years! (Wow, has it really been that long?!)

I'm your romantic and editorial Savannah wedding photographer who truly CARES about who you are. So you can simply be present with your closest friends and family and enjoy your gorgeous wedding day to the absolute fullest. 

Throughout my career as a Savannah wedding photographer, I've had the opportunity to experience and work with many of the best Savannah wedding venues, vendors, and even learned some secrets for getting the best photography along the way. With the knowledge I've acquired, I've decided to take the time to offer you some free resources— regardless of whether you've chosen me to be your Savannah wedding photographer yet or not. This guide is my gift to couples in the process of planning their coastal Savannah wedding in Georgia.

I so look forward to meeting you, and I can't wait to be your wedding photographer (and friend)! With me as your luxury wedding photographer in Savannah GA, know that you'll have someone in your corner capturing the story & emotions of your life’s most significant moments.

I'm Janelle, a Savannah wedding photographer.

Romantic and Coastal.


Rayven and Jordan

Susan and Pam

Lesley and Divyesh

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I listen. As a wedding photographer in Savannah GA, I know that it's all about capturing & expressing who you are in your own unique way.  I capture the moments you absolutely must have, in the way you want to see them displayed.

My goal is to bring out your best. You’ll look more stunning than you ever have while being authentically yourself - not to mention having a heck of a lot of fun along the way. And through each step along this journey together, I'll pay close attention to every detail. 

And in addition, for each booking with my brand, JJ Au'Clair, I donate part of your purchase to help build community around the world.  For more information, make sure to visit the About page on my website.

Finally, I'm not just a Savannah wedding photographer. Absolutely no distance is too far. Wherever in the world that you are having your special event, I  absolutely want to be there to document all of your memories and emotions along the way!

My Promise as your Savannah wedding photographer



A: As a hybrid film shooter, my goal is to create and give you photos that are classic, timeless, and true-to-life. I minimally edit your images to match as close to how it was on your day. This includes film emulation for the digital photos, along with overall color correction of your photographs so that they look natural, your skin tones look great, and the colors “sing”. To get nerdy for a minute, I use a mix of Fuji Film and Kodak, depending on your wedding day colors, location, etc.. My edits are fresh, bright, and natural. 

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A: This is your day to shine and I am there to document it all as-it-happens. During formal portraits, I provide some direction with posing so that you can get stunning shots you will love. But most of all, I like it if you can forget I am there at all – because afterall, I want you to savour every moment. It goes by so quickly!

Q: How long have you been a Savannah Wedding photographer?

A: I began photographing weddings in 2008 as an assistant and second shooter to my 8th grade photography teacher. I know thats *so* early to start, but I was immediately hooked. Originally it was just a fun way to spend the weekend and express my art, but once I started shooting medium format film and taking my own weddings in 2012, it grew to something much bigger. I wanted to share love, make a difference in the world, and show people their own magic. I'm so excited to be your Savannah wedding photographer.

Q: Should I get an Album?

A: In all honesty, it will undoubtably be one of the best tangible things you walk away with from your wedding day. There is something special about printing your photographs— having something physical to hold truly brings your photos to life and we find that images on a screen don’t really compare. I think everyone's best day deserves to live beyond the hard drive! Printing your photos will always be the MOST enduring way to cherish your connection, history, and surround yourself with what and who matters most in your home together.

Q: Do we need a second photographer?

A: This is my most asked question! Personally, I say no— unless you have more than 200 guests AND you want specific focus on them, or you want two different angles of the exact same moment, or (and this is super important) if you have a really large wedding venue that is difficult to get around quickly. Otherwise, I have personally photographed a TON of weddings solo (almost always with the help of my assistant film roller) and every single couple I have worked with has been 100% happy.
That being said, I can totally hire a second photographer for your Savannah wedding if you really want one.

Janelle did such a great job of capturing our wedding. I couldn't have asked for a better Savannah wedding photographer. My husband and I are introverted and not super comfortable in front of a camera, but Janelle was able to help us relax and offered some great prompts. What drew me into her work was her combination of digital and film photography. The film photography has such a soft cinematic feel that it simply can't be captured through digital. I can't recommend her enough!

- Lesley and Divyesh

“We LOVED working with Janelle for our wedding photography. While creative and artistic (we took a few in the church graveyard!), the shots are not too trendy and will stand the test of time. She was very attentive to our desires and planning, and even helped us out with our flowers. We will cherish her work for years to come and would gladly hire her again. We feel as though she really captured the mood of our wedding and the nature of our relationship. It was a wonderful experience!”

- Haley & Bryce

"Thank you Janelle! Our photos from you are sooo beautiful. You were also very patient during our large group of family photos! I can’t wait to have you take my maternity photos and family portraits in the future. You are simply the BEST!" 

- Olivia & Jamiel

"Without a doubt, the best photography team Atlanta has to offer! Janelle and Jordan are so kind, creative, professional, and have an amazing attention to detail. They were a breeze to work with and they really went the extra mile for us. They were always available for a quick call and really understood our vision, which is so important for any special event. Highly recommend!"

- Amanda & Jay

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