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Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Hey friends! I’m so excited to share one of my favorite Savannah wedding planners, Ivory and Beau, with you today. So let me introduce you to Nicole, the owner and founder of this incredible destination wedding planning team! She has been so kind, and has teamed up with me […]

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Hey friends! I’m so excited to share one of my favorite Savannah wedding planners, Ivory and Beau, with you today. So let me introduce you to Nicole, the owner and founder of this incredible destination wedding planning team! She has been so kind, and has teamed up with me to share some excellent advice with you.

Savannah wedding table details for rustic wedding by Ivory and Beau wedding planning team, with photography by J.J. Au'Clair


Now, one of the main reasons I’m so excited that Nicole is working with me for this feature is because of her experience. She started Ivory and Beau in 2013, and has been specializing in everything wedding ever since. Furthermore, Ivory and Beau is so much more than just wedding planning! It’s also a wedding dress shop with tropical, eclectic, and whimsical vibes, located right near Midtown Savannah. They’re a big team now, and essentially your one stop shop for planning and curating your wedding!


As a Savannah wedding photographer, I have loved getting to work with Nicole and her team in the past! (p.s. Check out this wedding we did together, it was so much fun and really beautiful!)


Ivory and Beau and I will guide you through the ins and the outs. From why having a Savannah wedding planner is so important, to how to pick the perfect destination event planner, and everything in between!


Wedding reception details by savannah wedding planners Ivory and beau, photographed by fine art film photographer J.J. Au'Clair, based in Savannah and coastal wedding destinations globally.


So let’s get started!


While talking with Nicole, I had to start by asking how she define’s the Ivory and Beau ideal couple— who they serve best. She told me that she loves working with couples who desire a creative wedding that is not just pretty for the sake of being pretty.  Every love and couple is unique, and their wedding should include and incorporate details that are personalized to them! Their Savannah wedding planner should try to match the personality of the couple, and create a wedding that truly feels like them.


And I couldn’t agree more!

“Anybody can throw a pretty wedding, but it takes that extra touch to go above and beyond to create a couple and guest experience like no other.” — Nicole, Ivory and Beau

This is my goal with every Savannah wedding I photograph, and why I appreciate the Ivory and Beau team of women so so much. They deliver an incredible couple and guest experience every time.


Ceremony and Reception details by Ivory and Beau, photographed by Savannah wedding photographer J.J. Au'Clair.


If you want a creative, whimsical, and organic wedding, look no further. Myself and the Ivory and Beau destination wedding planner team are an excellent pair of vendors for your Savannah wedding!


Naturally, you may be wondering why am I so excited to share this wedding planning team with you? Why the heck is hiring a wedding planner so important?


I’m glad you asked! I’ve photographed over 200 weddings in the past 10 years. And I can honestly say that weddings with an excellent vendor team (starting with a planner), have been way less stressful for the bride, and more beautiful, than those without one. But don’t just take my word for it!


I really think Nicole said it best. Check out her awesome advice on why hiring a wedding planner rocks below!

To truly plan a wedding that is a unique experience for you, your fiancé and your guests, hiring a planner is key. That way you can ensure that no details are overlooked. A planner can simplify the entire process, keep you on track, and ensure the vision and style fit aesthetically. Additionally, a wedding planner will keep you on track budget-wise and give recommendations along the way. They’ll help you decide where to cut back, and  where you need to splurge— wether it’s for your dream wedding photographer or having an overabundance of flowers! By working with a planner you can sit back, make decisions that are given directly to you, and then just show up on your wedding day to have a freaking blast!


By the way, feel free to message me if you have any questions at all about this post, or another. I’m happy to help you, wether I’m your wedding photographer yet or not!


Organic and whimsical coastal wedding inspiration by J.J. Au'Clair and Ivory and Beau in Savannah. Also serving Oahu, Tulum, and Barcelona!


To connect with Ivory and Beau for your Savannah or destination wedding, check out the links below!


I am so thankful to have been able to share this amazing Savannah wedding planning team with you today. Partially because I’m excited to be a part of your big day and know that you’re in the best hands, but also partially because I just love photographing their work!


You can find Ivory and Beau online HERE, and on instagram HERE.

And once you’ve booked your wedding planner, please contact me to get your wedding photography locked in! I would absolutely love to work with you.


While I have you here, I’d love to share more resources with you for planning your Savannah nuptials. Check out these posts below!


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