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If you’ve never been to Sayulita Mexico, you’ve been missing out on one of Mexico’s best kept secrets! One of the first things I noticed when I first arrived was the gorgeous scenery and the beach-y, relaxed vibe. It’s stunning. I immediately knew that a Sayulita elopement would absolutely be perfect for so many of […]

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If you’ve never been to Sayulita Mexico, you’ve been missing out on one of Mexico’s best kept secrets! One of the first things I noticed when I first arrived was the gorgeous scenery and the beach-y, relaxed vibe. It’s stunning. I immediately knew that a Sayulita elopement would absolutely be perfect for so many of my dear couples.


Sayulita will win your heart for more reasons than one.


I’m here to share with why Sayulita is perfect for your destination elopement!


Asian girl and curly haired groom in the desert canyon of Mexico for their elopement photos.


A Sayulita elopement is intimate, unique, and luxurious. Here’s why:

After photographing weddings for the better part of my whole life, I’ve been to a lot of elopement and wedding destinations over the years. And while so many locations truly are beautiful – absolutely – there’s something magical about Sayulita. Whether it’s the brilliant sunsets into the Pacific Ocean, the panoramic vistas, or just the incredible & global community of surfers, wellness practitioners, and creatives… everything about Sayulita has won me over as my favorite Mexico elopement destination.

Staying in Sayulita for your elopement weekend will be incredible… For a group of 6, you can easily rent a beautiful hacienda on the water. Spend some time together trying delicious, new, global and local flavors (more on that in a bit), and maybe even take a surfing day trip with Pura Vida Surf School! They have boards for rent, teach classes, and offer day trips for groups up to 10; including hammocks on a semi-private beach, and a bonfire with fresh caught seafood. It’s the truly local experience. You can also do some shopping, get massages, and try out a yoga class at the incredible Paraiso yoga!

All of it will make you and your guests want to visit Sayulita over and over and over again.


Beach landscape near Sayulita and La Lancha Mexico



Where are the best places to stay and elope in Sayulita?

Whether you’re eloping just you and your partner, or if you’ve got a small crew, Sayulita has amazing places you can all stay together, and sometimes also even host your ceremony!

First, I want to mention Casa de los Arcos.  Located on the far south side of Sayulita is Casa de los Arcos, a gorgeous beach cliffside property with 6 villas where you can stay. Each has beautiful views, and Casa Pescador also has a hottub! But the best views are definitely from Villa Nido. And yes. You can rent out the whole place for you and your guests, and host the ceremony on one of their cliffside patios if you want to!

Or, maybe you prefer to have your elopement ceremony on a private beach or at the Buddha Temple (located nearby in the jungle, with views of the ocean below)? Don’t worry! You can also stay at the Don Bonito Hotel, which is sooo well designed and offers access to a salt water pool in their jardin. I personally suggest Room number 9 for the most privacy, though all of them are really wonderful.

sexy couple on a beach near sayulita mexico for elopement photography

Of course, there are so many more locations and ideas I could suggest for your Sayulita elopement, both in town and nearby. If you have more questions, feel free to send me a message. I can help you in your planning process. I can even plan your Sayulita elopement for you with my newest, all-inclusive Sayulita elopement packages!


My top places to stay for your Sayulita elopement getaway:

Sayulita wedding photography of bride and foliage in pink.


We want an intimate dinner after our Sayulita elopement, what do you suggest?

Alright, buckle in. Just within the town of Sayulita, there are so so many options for great food! And then if you’re wanting to expand even further, the neighboring towns of San Pancho and Punta de Mita have more delicious options! So, it’s really all about the vibe you’re going for.


Here are my favorite food spots in Sayulita for your elopement!

First, one of my favorite Sayulita restaurants is Achara, a legit Thai spot with killer curry and some of the best pad Thai I’ve ever eaten. They also have excellent mixologists who make tasty cocktails. Achara has a beautiful indoor-outdoor patio, which can be privately rented out for a post-elopement dinner party. The patio can accommodate between 6-12 guests, and is my #1 recommendation for a great meal experience. Then again, I might just be biased because I LOVE THAI.


Second, La Rustica is an Italian concept opened by the same local owner of the Don Bonito hotel. The experience is not only the food itself, but also the environment and service – you’re truly going to have a dinner to remember. You can rent their upstairs patio for a private dinner, or brunch! Who doesn’t love Italian brunch?


Finally, if you’re wanting something luxurious on the beach, you have to stop at Don Pedros. Of course, you can dine in the main restaurant, but I have to tell you about their Brisa Mar Palapa. Its the restaurant’s private palapa for intimate dinners and small wedding ceremonies (in the lawn, overlooking the ocean). With delicious Mediterranean and Mexican food, including fresh seafood, traditional meats, and a wide variety of vegetarian options— you can’t go wrong.


No matter what you choose, you’re bound to enjoy Sayulita for your elopement destination!


I know I’ve already said it, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions while planning your Sayulita elopement!


Bridal photographs with florals and cathedral style veil.


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