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The Wimbish House Wedding Venue in Atlanta

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If you live in Atlanta, you’re probably familiar with the Wimbish House, but did you know that its also a wedding venue!? I love the Wimbish House wedding venue for several reasons. But the first I’ll mention is just how stunning and beautiful it is from the outside. The Wimbish House sits prominently in Midtown (at the intersection of Peachtree and 14th street), and is an impressive and easy-to-find wedding destination within close proximity of hotels and parking!


It was completed in 1906 by Atlanta’s most noted architect,  W. T. Downing. And of course, he did incredible work. Designed to resemble a French Chateau, this lovely Victorian-era home features steep gables, intricate detailing, and massive stone masonry ornamentation.


The Wimbish House is a gorgeous backdrop for any sophisticated Atlanta event, especially a wedding!


Something else really great about them as a wedding venue, they’re very upfront about pricing and capacity. It’s easy to find online, starting at only $5,950 for a Saturday wedding (meaning, if you’re on a budget, Friday and Sunday is more affordable). They have a maximum capacity of 150 for the ceremony, but can go all the way up to 250 for only a reception. It all depends on what you want regarding seating, food, etc..


They also require a day-of-coordinator, but that’s honestly super important to have anyway. A coordinator will bring peace of mind and take care of all the crazy details for you! I personally recommend Lauren Emerson for design, coordination, and floral work— she is incredible and travels worldwide. No, seriously, her floral design alone is reason enough to book her!



At The Wimbish House wedding venue, you never need to worry about rain! Of course, we all want to go outside and take photos in the gardens or in front of the Chateau. But it’s fully covered, with bright white walls and high ceilings. That means, if its raining, you’ll still have plenty of indoor photo options.

I’m always saying this, but you’ll really want to have an experienced Atlanta wedding photographer! You want someone who’s been photographing weddings for over 10 years (like me!).  If you have someone who knows how to create perfect light in a moments notice, then your wedding photos will be perfect inside. Even on a dark and rainy day!




Additionally, there is space for both the Bride and Groom to get ready on-site. Granted, it’s not very big. Many couples choose to get ready off-site. I personally think its really up to you and your personal preferences, but I always love a bigger space with lots of window light to get ready if possible. Thankfully, you’re in a central Midtown location, so choosing to get ready off-site isn’t insane!


Now, I’m going to share my personal opinion on how to use The Wimbish House wedding venue (not everyone will agree with me). I would personally rent the Wimbish house for an exciting and luxury reception! Then opt to host my ceremony somewhere outdoors nearby. Mostly because I love the outdoors so much. And second, because I think having plenty of space for seated dinner and space to dace is perfect! However, if you’re having a small wedding you may find the venue to have more than enough space for everything!

I’ll say this over and over again, its really up to you and your personal tastes. If you want to stay in one location for your wedding day, The Wimbish House is an excellent choice for an all-in-one wedding venue. But, if you don’t mind moving around a little bit, having your reception at The Wimbish House will be brilliant, and offer you extra diversity for your outdoor wedding ceremony beforehand.

To get more information about The Wimbish House, and to book the venue, check out their website here!


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