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This website is first and foremost a space for empowerment, radical self-love, and freedom. There may be depictions of artistic and tasteful nudity for both men and women.

 If you're not at least 18 years old, or if butts and boobs offend you, THIS ISN'T YOUR SPACE. And that's ok. 

I am of age &
I understand

Seeking Georgia Boudoir Photography,

I'm your empowerment photographer! I'm not just a boudoir photographer for couples and individuals. Together we are celebrators of the human experience— you've got a powerful story of healing, growth, trauma, and love. No matter where you are on that journey, I want to cultivate an experience for you to be radically free, seen, and celebrated. Then, to hand you gorgeous imagery that can serve as tokens of remembrance for your journey. You're a bad-ass. You're a queen. You're a lover. You are so worth loving. 

And now you've got the proof, right there in your hands.  

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If you're a Wild Heart

creating empowering Georgia boudoir photography for authentic humans, as a token of remembrance to their divinity!
serving Savannah, Atlanta, athens, and international destinations in Mexico, spain, and portugal.

Whether you're wildly in love and ready to tie the knot or if you're just passing through Savannah on your latest adventure — all are welcome here. 

Are Living Wild and Free.

My Kind of Humans

Trauma Healing
Little Things
Being Seen
Big Feelings
Eternal Love

I see you.

Let's capture your story, who you truly are, together—

beautifully and fiercely. 

This is about celebrating that wild, magical person you are inside.

Wherever we are, I'm here to take us beyond "boudoir" and into radical self love and empowerment.  Let's be brave together and show yourself how stunning you are, inside and out!  
When you work with me, know that I absolutely have your best interests at heart, and I will guide you through the entire healing and celebrating experience of self empowerment. 

Self-Love is in. Empower Yourself.

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Steamy Sessions

Georgia boudoir photography isn't just for individuals— I love to photograph my couples living their best lives!

Welcome to playful and unique couple's boudoir photography:

“We really couldn't have asked for a better photographer. My husband and I are introverted and not super comfortable in front of a camera, but Janelle was able to help us relax and offered some great prompts. I can't recommend her enough!

Lesley and Divyesh:

I completely understand how you feel when you're in front of the camera, I'm "not a model" either. However, I've discovered how far some self love and acceptance can go! The best thing you can do is show up authentically— laugh, cry,  scream (so therapeutic), and let go of your comfort zone. 
I'll do all the work to help you live in the moment, and realize that you truly are beautiful. 

(p.s. Afterwards, we'll have the photos to prove it!)

more about me


I'm Janelle.

your empowering new friend and Georgia Boudoir Photography "guru".

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My humans always say

You Are Here

I am here

I bring out their authenticity. They feel stunning while being wholly themselves. We have a heck of a lot of fun along the way. 

Because you want authentic and timeless Georgia boudoir photography to serve as a token of remembrance for your  beauty,  being, and divinity!

Because I want to empower and love on other humans. I truly want to make our planet a kinder and more peaceful place for life to grow. 

Your booking Gives Back.

Every year, I donate 15% of my profits to great causes. In 2019 and 2020, my clients and I helped to help build an orphanage, senior citizens home, and helped rebuild two schools located in the mountains near Cuzco, Peru. 

Make an Impact

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I can't wait to be your empowering boudoir photographer!

PS, do you prefer the phone? Just shoot me a text or Whatsapp me! 404-889-0031.

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— Janelle Rivera

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