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Engagement Party Inspiration in Atlanta | Favorite Vendors and More!

I love to celebrate. Really, any excuse to celebrate my friends, family, and partner is enough for me! Birthdays, holidays, and “just because” parties, I love them all. So, I think its time we shift our focus from just weddings a little bit and talk about your Atlanta engagement party! I fully believe that after […]

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I love to celebrate. Really, any excuse to celebrate my friends, family, and partner is enough for me! Birthdays, holidays, and “just because” parties, I love them all. So, I think its time we shift our focus from just weddings a little bit and talk about your Atlanta engagement party! I fully believe that after you choose to say “yes” to your partner, its already time to celebrate! You don’t need to wait 6 months to a year just to get excited and hang out as a couple with all your friends and family.


Now that I think about it, I suppose I’ve always loved the idea of an engagement party. Creating a fun space to celebrate with closest friends and family before the wedding, but with a more laid back vibe, is becoming more and more popular among couples. And for good reason too! Wedding planning can be really overwhelming. Even if you have an amazing team supporting you,  you’ll still be SO busy leading up to the big day. Why not take a pause to just enjoy yourselves before jumping in to the (metaphorical) ocean of planning your wedding?





Now, before we get started with inspiration photos and showcasing some of my favorite vendors, let’s first address two questions.


  1. Why is an Atlanta engagement party such a great idea?
    There is a really simple answer to this, and is especially relevant if you’re at all like me. If you have tons of ideas for what you want for your wedding (ME), then having an engagement party will let you experiment. Its also great if you really want to do something that doesn’t quite go with the rest of your weddings dreams (ie. a crazy colored dress or a theme).  This is an especially great way for you to put feelers out for your wedding too. Just like taking engagement photos before the big day (which is great practice), you will have a chance to start chatting with a few vendors before its time to really start making decisions. You’ll also get to test out some ideas, and help narrow down what you really want out of your wedding day!
  2. But should I afford an engagement party?
    Yes! Especially if you’re planning on having a destination wedding, or if you’ve got a lot of friends (and family friends), but want something intimate. If either of these are true for you, I 1,000% suggest you have an engagement party! I’m going to get real with you for a moment. If you’re having a destination wedding, chances are most people you invite won’t be able to come. Bummer, right? It can also be very expensive to have a large destination wedding. This isn’t to scare you away though. Its actually a good thing! If you’ve always dreamed of an intimate wedding, then having an engagement party is a must! Its like a mini wedding reception, minus all the stress. It allows you to celebrate with people who you couldn’t before, or who wouldn’t have been able to come. In the end, it could actually save you money, by allowing you to have a smaller wedding without any guilt.


In the end, of course, its up to you! But if you resonated with either of these questions/answers, its definitely something to consider! 🙂


An Atlanta engagement party can be fun, pressure-free, and allows your vendors a chance to impress you!


Now that we’ve touched on that… This gorgeous engagement party inspiration was designed with you in mind! I also wanted a chance to showcase some of my favorite wedding vendors in Atlanta. And seriously, I was able to collaborate with some fantastic artists. Just keep scrolling to see who did what at the end of this post! From beginning to end, I can’t recommend them enough for your Atlanta wedding or engagement party:)



My goal is to inspire you, and give you tools to easily plan a gorgeous engagement celebration. So, let’s get started! Keep scrolling to see the photos below.





  • Photographer: Atlanta Couple Photographer Janelle Rivera (That’s Me!)
  • Assistant and Styling: Jordan Alexander (my awesome assistant)
  • Rose Petal Dress: Jolienne Collection (WEBSITE)
  • Champagne: Francis Coppola Sophia, Blanc de Blancs (WEBSITE)
  • Cake: Pêche Petite Boutique Bakery (WEBSITE)
  • Venue: Ambient Plus Studios (WEBSITE)
  • Hair and Makeup: Molly Todd Makeup (WEBSITE)
  • Models: Ursula Wiedmann Models (WEBSITE)
  • Florals and Installation: French Market Flowers (WEBSITE)
  • Ribbons: Silk and Willow (WEBSITE)
  • Invitation Suite: Fox and West (WEBSITE)
  • Film Lab: FIND Lab (WEBSITE)



While I have you here, check out more resources and blog posts below!

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