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5 Photo Ideas From an Adventurous Couple Photographer

Hey fearless friends! Today after I woke up and had my usual stretching and meditation time, I had a brainstorm session about my goals for 2020 and what kind of adventures and experiences I could offer to my clients. Have I piqued your interest yet? Yep, as an adventurous couple photographer, I asked myself this question: “If […]

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Hey fearless friends! Today after I woke up and had my usual stretching and meditation time, I had a brainstorm session about my goals for 2020 and what kind of adventures and experiences I could offer to my clients. Have I piqued your interest yet? Yep, as an adventurous couple photographer, I asked myself this question: “If my goal is to empower my clients to step out of fear and into radical love, how can I help facilitate that for them”? Hence this guide with 5 couple’s session ideas was born. My goal with these photo ideas is to help you step out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting with your partner!

As an adventurous couple Photographer, I offer 3 kinds of couple sessions: Engagement Photos, Anniversary photos, and photos JUST BECAUSE!


This little list is intended to inspire you with some ideas that you and your partner can experience together (with me as YOUR adventurous couple photographer, of course)!

So let’s get started!


The first three are kind of specific, but would really be a blast for just about everyone (I mean, who doesn’t want to find a cool ancient shell?!). While the last two are a bit more customizable to be unique for you as a couple! That’s right, just keep reading for some super fun couple session ideas.

1. Hot Air-balloon Festival and Ride!
Are you dreaming yet? I can picture it now. Wether you want to see the hot air balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey or you go to Callaway Garden’s festival in September, this is a great idea for your adventurous couple’s session. And here’s why. First, its absolutely beautiful to watch these balloons take flight, and having all those colors floating behind you is going to be insane! Second, its really great for couples who aren’t super outdoorsy, or who just want to relax for their session.


2. Hike to a waterfall (and maybe go swimming…)
This one is especially perfect for the late spring and summer months! Wether you just want to take a day trip, or if you want to plan something a little bigger and plan a trip to go see some waterfalls! I love waterfalls. Even “small” ones are beautiful. And what could be more refreshing, adventurous, and playful than to splash in that cool water and get soaked with the person you love most?! Don’t worry, I’ll bring the towels and we’ll have a thermos on deck with hot cocoa just in case you need it?


A new experience is the fuel to grow in confidence and love for the person you experience it with. So, let’s plan an adventurous couple session together that’s TOTALLY you! I so ready to be your adventurous couple photographer!


3. Explore coastal beaches, caves, and other landscapes looking for fossils.
Alright, this one is for all you nerds out there! You know who you are. I’m talking to my science podcast listeners, my history buffs, and my Planet-earth or Cosmos watching friends. Depending on where you live, there are tons of places to go looking for gemstones and fossils! In Savannah, GA there’s Skidaway Island and the silts in the bay, the Laurel Dinosaur Park and Calvert Cliffs in Maryland, and Stonerose Interpretive Center in Washington. There’s fossil hunting in just about every state, and of course TONS internationally. So you decide! Do you want to try some fossil hunting + a bad-ass photoshoot on your next trip together? Or would you like to get out and experience something new together, right in the backyard of the state you call home?


4. Try a new ACTIVE-ity together! 
Not all of us are great at sports, but that shouldn’t stop you! Especially when there are so many options out there. Now, I’m not really talking about team sports, unless you two are really set on playing soccer together (I love soccer). I’m actually talking about an activity that you two already love to do, possibly together. Such as surfing (water doesn’t scare me!), or horseback riding, or acro-yoga! Maybe even gardening is your thing— just pick something you both enjoy and are passionate about, and then let’s get out there! I’m excited to share your story and empower you in your truth.


5. Take a class.
Now this final idea might become one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. While all of these ideas allow you two to experience something new and spark a memory together, this one is exceptional because it might even kindle a new passion for you. I know the first time my partner and I did a yoga class together was an incredible experience. No, he isn’t crazy passionate about yoga now, but he now understands what I love about it so much. In the end it brought us closer together.



My goal as your  destination couples photographer is to empower you to step out of fear and into love! I know it sounds redundant, but I’m seriously so passionate about this! I want you to be fearless, be your best self, and feel confident! You can know I’m HERE every step of the way.

That being said, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this post, or regarding planning your engagement photos, anniversary session, wedding photographs, or to get photos JUST BECAUSE. I’ve got years of experience and, I’m more than happy to help out. Drop me a line HERE and let’s be friends!


If you’re looking for a few more resources, here are a few more blog posts you may be interested in! Feel free to check them out and get inspired✨


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