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Playful Atlanta Boudoir Photography Session

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Calling all bad-ass babes and powerful femmes! You might not feel it yet, but you ARE powerful, sexy, and worthy of being seen. Furthermore, you deserve to let loose and feel confident in the body you’ve been given. Regardless of stretch marks, the socially accepted “shape” we’ve been handed in todays culture, and regardless of if you’ve ever done this before! Boudoir is for HUMANS looking to break free and empower themselves, and to see their own beauty and worth. As you’ll see in this playful Atlanta Boudoir Photography Session, an empowering boudoir session is first and foremost about your experience.


It starts with how you feel while planning the session… You should feel excited and maybe a little bit nervous, but ready to make a confident jump (with me by your side) into radical self love! Then, its all about the experience itself. I’ve got the bubbly, hair and makeup,  and an awesome custom playlist (so you can get your mood right). You just come ready to be nurtured, hyped up, and ready to unleash your wild side! We’re going to have a FUN time taking your photos, and you’re going to leave feeling absolutely fantastic!


Within a week or two, you’ll get your photos back! And this is probably the most exciting part, because you’ll really get to see YOURSELF shining in a way you haven’t gotten the opportunity to before. You’ll see yourself in an authentically beautiful form, and its empowering!


Your Atlanta boudoir photography session is a time to unleash the woman within for who she really is. She is authentically beautiful and absolutely worthy of being seen, loved, and celebrated!

(p.s. If you’re ready to take a huge step into self love today, contact me today! I am so ready to start this journey with you, and show you how amazing and worthy you are!)



When Amanda contacted me to have a boudoir session a few months before her wedding, it was initially as a gift for her husband-to-be. But what she didn’t know was that it was actually going to empower her and give her a whole new level of confidence. We had so much fun listening to music, trying different poses and techniques, and getting to know each other.  Her confidence from this Atlanta boudoir photography session even carried over to her wedding day photos! The whole time she was getting ready for the big day, she had complete trust in my ability to get her best angles, and showcase her for who she really was. It almost felt like her boudoir session 2.0 (just a little less racy)!




Sexy and confident Atlanta boudoir photography for empowering women! Boost your confidence and practice self love and care with boudoir photography! For adventurous women and femmes! Elegant and playful boudoir for women, by Atlanta boudoir photographer J.J. Au'Clair. Atlanta Boudoir Photographer J.J. Au'Clair is all about self love and the empowerment of women. Featuring an at home boudoir session.

Not sure you’re ready to try an empowering boudoir session? Well, here’s some truth for you. Each and every one of us (humans) has something special to offer. Each one of us has a story, dreams, and desires. Deep down, I believe we want freedom!  We weren’t made to feel trapped,  or less than worthy.  As a woman who has struggled with this her whole life, I KNOW that it’s time to unleash our wild side, and our true spirit! Whether you are a female by gender, femme, trans, queer…. You deserve to be celebrated. And I firmly believe this with all my heart. Its basically my mission in life.




This is the true goal of an empowering boudoir session with me. Truth and the embodiment of that is what I’m aiming for. I want to show you your adventurous side, to empower you and increase your vision of self worth. Its time to celebrate YOU! Trust me, you are so worth celebrating.


As your Adventurous boudoir photographer, I believe you can be fearless! I want to help you be your best self, and facilitate a safe environment for you to blossom into confidence! Know that I’m here for you through this journey of #selflove, every step of the way. That being said, please contact me if you have any questions. Either about this blog post, or about anything boudoir. I’ve got years of experience, both with taking boudoir photos, and with feeling less than worthy. I’m ready to be present for you, as a friend! You can send me a message HERE.


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