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Why I Want to be Your Hawaii Boudoir Photographer

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Hello friends! Here I am, your local Hawaii Boudoir Photographer, coming at you fast with some real talk about boudoir photography! Truth be told, today’s topic may be a tad controversial…but I feel like we need to talk about it. Mostly because there are so many myths and taboos associated with boudoir photography…


So people, let’s get really honest together for a moment. Boudoir is not vain. Boudoir is not narcissistic. And finally, boudoir is NOT just for women. Real, authentic boudoir photography should be empowering for both men, women, couples, and all humans in-between. Its a tool you can use to source power, an appreciation for your self as an art form, and even a catalyst for you to finally see yourself as someone worthy of love. Self love and actualization is the highest goal in my empowering boudoir sessions— both for individuals and for my couples.


Boudoir photographer in Hawaii shares why self love and empowerment is so so important.



As your Hawaii boudoir photographer, my goal is to empower you to step out of fear and experience the freedom of true self love!


Experiencing an empowerment session like this life changing. Especially when you’ve chosen to travel somewhere unique, step out of your comfort zone, and GO for it! Really, nothing says “treat yo’ self” more than an empowering boudoir session in an overwhelmingly beautiful destination (like Oahu Hawaii!).


Picture this for a moment. You, and maybe your partner, finally decide to take some much needed vacation time to visit Oahu Hawaii. While you’re in town, you’re getting some gorgeous golden rays, eating fresh and local foods, and you’re beginning to feel a spark within. You’re really enjoying the time away, treating yourself to some outdoor activities and even playing together in the water. Its magic!

Now imagine that during this trip, you decided to book an empowerment session with me. You wanted to experience a unique hike (or even something more relaxed, like this incredible garden bathtub location!), and feel liberation like you never have before. So, we connect and begin planning out our adventure together!



You can experience liberation and adventure through an empowerment boudoir session with me in Oahu Hawaii!


I do everything for you before you arrive— I plan the hike, book the airbnb, or the garden tub session. And on the day of our session we’re texting… talking about your outfit, where to get an amazing fresh breakfast, etc. It’s so much fun just getting ready for your empowerment session today.



Finally the time comes for us to meet! I’ve got snacks and water for our excursion, you’re feeling great, and we get started! It all happens naturally. We chat for the first part of the hike, or while getting checked in for the tub session. When we finally get to the perfect location, we start the music! And don’t worry, the music is a huge part of this. I’ve got a special curated playlist that I made for you as we got to know each other over the past week or so. It sets the vibe for you to relax and have fun. We might even pop a bottle of champagne!


We take photos together, and I’m coaching and encouraging you with every minute and photo that goes by. And soon, you forget about the camera. You feel like a model— and that’s no exaggeration! Its fun, relaxed, and empowering. You begin to feel yourself, and a new sense of freedom like never before.


After your photos, we might still grab a quick bite or a drink. Its been a fulfilling day. I offer a few more tips for the evening if you’re short on plans for what to do in Oahu Hawaii. And we part ways. BUT that’s not the end of the journey.


Couple empowerment session in destinations like Oahu Hawaii and beyond!


You (and your partner, if its both of you) get a sneak peek of your GORGEOUS empowerment session photos within 48 hours! And trust me, you’re amazed. You get to relive the experience again! And its an incredible feeling to see yourself look so magical in such a stunning location. Its powerful, its sexy, its… YOU. Trust me, I know from experience.


An Oahu Hawaii empowerment session is all about getting boudoir photography that show-cases who you are uniquely. As your Hawaii boudoir photographer, I’m going to do everything in my power to liberate and celebrate you, as you are!


So here’s my proposition to you: Let’s make magic together. I want to be your Oahu Hawaii boudoir photographer. I want to show you the beauty behind the mask; the wild-side within. I want to help you feel freedom beyond your wildest dreams, like I was able to do with Jordan, a dear client (and now friend) of mine:

“I’ve never felt comfortable in front of the camera before. Actually, until I met Janelle I never dreamed that I would be comfortable enough to go trekking into nature and liberate myself the way we did together! She was so easy to work with. I felt so comfortable in my own skin… Now looking back on our photos, I’m exhilarated every time. I can’t believe thats me! Thank you, Janelle! “

Destination boudoir photographer shares about self love, passion, and wild destinations for a tool to empowerment.


If you’re saying “YES. I’m ready!”, then let’s do this thing! Send me a message HERE.

I can’t wait to be your Oahu boudoir photographer🖤


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