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Tips for Travel to Puerto Rico

Many people don’t know this, but Puerto Rico is actually my family’s homeland. Traveling to this destination, though not as glamorous as Spain or Italy, is near and dear to my heart. And let’s be honest, island life when you travel to Puerto Rico is one of the greatest ways to relax and reset.   […]

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Many people don’t know this, but Puerto Rico is actually my family’s homeland. Traveling to this destination, though not as glamorous as Spain or Italy, is near and dear to my heart. And let’s be honest, island life when you travel to Puerto Rico is one of the greatest ways to relax and reset.


So, I’ve made you a little list of tips for your travel to Puerto Rico!


Before I get into my personal tips and favorite destinations and activities, I want to share with you a few reasons why Puerto Rico is such a great travel destination.


First, you don’t need a passport to travel here if you live in the United States. This is really great if you’re not a frequent traveler or if its your first time going “international” for a trip. Additionally, Puerto Rico is a great place to go if you don’t speak Spanish, or at least no much of it. Of course there are places on the island that see less tourism than others— and trust me, you don’t just want to see one portion of the island. Puerto Rico is rich in culture, beauty, and delicious Caribbean inspired Spanish food.


Another one of my favorite things about traveling to Puerto Rico is how much diversity the island offers in regards to your vacation. Whether you want a relaxing getaway to walk the streets of Old San Juan and sip on a Mojito on the beach, or if you’re interested in adding a little adventure to your island experience. You can find something perfect for your needs, no problem.


I hope you enjoy your trip to PR and utilize these tips I’ve gotten together for you!


And by the way, I love Puerto Rico for a destination wedding or couple photo session! Beside the fact that its easy to access and your guests don’t need passports, its also perfect to stick around and have your honeymoon after. As a Puerto Rico couple photographer, I’m always happy to help with location, vendors, and really anything else you may need for the planning process. Plus, I’m comfortable the island and people, so I can help show you around and find the best photo spots for your photography! If you’re excited and ready to get planning, send me a message!


I’d love to be your Puerto Rico couple photographer, and help however I can!


Whether you want a tranquil beach vacation or something more adventurous, Puerto Rico is the perfect travel destination for a quick getaway!


The island is broken up into about 7 parts, though it is small at only 5,328 square miles. They are the natural North, South, East, and West— plus the Central Mountains, the Metro region, and the islands of Culebra and Vieques. Since there is so much to see in any visit, in this post I’m going to only offer tips for some experiences in the metro and east regions, as well as one of the small islands off the eastern coast. Trust me, you can easily stay here in these areas for 10 days and still wish you had more time!


Without further ado, here are a few of my personal tips for your Puerto Rico trip!


  • Rent a car when you choose to travel from San Juan to Farjado, Luquillo, and beyond! The island is easy to navigate, and its well worth the expense to have freedom to go wherever you like. Similar to Hawaii— its not super walking friendly outside the immediate metro areas of San Juan and Old San Juan.
  • See the Bioluminescent Bay! One Puerto Rico’s three bioluminescent bays is located in Farjado, and the experience is surreal and exciting! Of course, no one told me to wear copious amounts of bug spray, so this is your fair warning. In the warmer months, the mosquitos are a downright plague if you’re not prepared with some deterrent. Still worth it, but next time I’ll take that extra precaution!
  • Go to Las Vistas Cafe! Its obscure, but if you’re going to see the Bioluminescent Bay in Farajado, then you MUST stop by to meet Gladys, and eat the most amazing food I had in Puerto Rico. Every time I visit PR, this place is a must. And not just for the food! There is a sense of family, with locally grown ingredients and timeless family recipes. The owner Glady’s serves you every time, and the view alone is worth the visit.

The sense of family and community on this island is the first thing I noticed when I went the first time. Its endearing, welcoming, and keeps PR in my top 10 favorite places to visit.

  • From Luquillo, take a ferry to Culebrita! Heck, you can even find an Airbnb or villa there and stay a while! But this is the most beautiful beach in Puerto Rico (in my humble opinion), and perfect for a nice getaway.
  • Take a Catamaran excursion! And if you’re going to do it, go with my friend Captain Bill. He’s been living on the island with his wife for years, and the experience is one of a kind! A day trip includes snorkeling, a hike to an early 1800’s lighthouse, and some RnR on your own private beach (which is seriously amazing). Plus you’ll get to enjoy a fresh lunch cooked on the boat by the Captain himself (usually he’ll catch it while you’re out enjoying yourself). Also, they have a few stunning private villas
  • Go to the Cloud Spa in Old San Juan. I really can’t explain the magic that happened when I spent the day relaxing at the cloud spa. The saltwater soak and rain showers were amazing, but the massage was out of this world. I think about it all the time, truth be told.



Now that we’ve talked about some tips and why you should visit PR, are you ready to see some amazing photos from my list visit there? Keep scrolling!


Puerto Rico couple and boudoir photographer shares tips and sights to see when traveling to PR for the first time. Places to see by fine art film photographer J.J. Au'Clair in Puerto Rico Things to do in PR, such as Las Vistas Cafe, Catamaran excursion with captain Bill, and more! Puerto Rican island life from the perspective of a Puerto Rican wedding photographer. Overlooking the ocean in Puerto Rico, by fine art photographer J.J. Au'Clair.


I really can’t fit everything you can do in these regions into one post! I’ll have to make another for you to share my ideal 10 day itinerary soon. In the meantime, I hope this post has inspired you to travel to Puerto Rico. And maybe even book your destination wedding, a couple’s photo session, or  an empowering boudoir session for yourself.

I’m so excited to meet you there! My bag is already packed.


I’m looking forward to being your boudoir or couple photographer! (Book Me here.)

If you’d like to read more about my travels, or get more destination photography information, feel free to check out these posts below!

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