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The Perfect Activities for Your Couple Session!

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Hey bad-ass babes! I’m so excited to talk to you today about how to get the best photos for your couple photo session!

First, whats your dream couple photo session? I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill couple and engagement photos in a field somewhere, I’m talking about your DREAM couple photo session. Because the epic couple photos full of laughter and adventure don’t just happen… You make them happen by getting out there and getting active!


While they’re natural to achieve, it takes a bit of planning first. Your epic couple photos (engagement, anniversary, or just because) will look the most authentic if you plan them around an activity! And you’ll have the most fun together that way too.

Adventurous Couple photo taken by J.J. Au'Clair, an empowering couple photographer based out of Atlanta and destinations beyond! Taken at Cloudland State Park in Chattahoochee, GA.

The perfect activity for your couple photo session is on this list, I promise!


As an adventurous and destination couple photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph hundreds of couples. I can’t say it’s an exact science, since every couple is unique, but one thing is for sure. Every couple that plans their engagement session or couple session around an activity has more laughs (and better photos) as a result! 


My goal with couple photography is to showcase your love and empower you both into deeper trust and relationship with one another. If you love one of these ideas as an activity to do for your couple session, (and now just need to book a photographer) send me a message!

I’d love to be your Savannah and Atlanta (or Oahu Hawaii) couple photographer! I promise to be your friend and be your hype woman! We’ll have a freaking blast together, promise.


Ready for my favorite list of 3 exciting activities for your couple photo session? Keep scrolling.


  • Pasta Making Date Night! Ok, this one you can do from the comfort of your own home, and is seriously so fun. Just plan a day (or evening) in, light some candles, and get in the kitchen together! Pasta is just edible playdoh for adults, and with recipes for every kind of dietary restriction, pasta is literally for everyone. *p.s. I’ve found recipes for paleo, whole30, keto, and gluten free pasta!So grab some wine, clean up the house, and have a blast with your partner making pasta for your couple photo session!
  • Take Surf Lessons. Did your ears just perk up? Do you now have visions of splashing in the water together, and laughing when your partner falls off their surf board? Me too! This one is a great way to try something new, have fun together, and get messy. Plus, everyone looks better with wet hair (and waterproof makeup)!So find your nearest beach and sign up for some surf lessons (and a couple photography session too)!
  • Go on a Hike! No matter where you live, there is an awesome state park or national park nearby where you two can go on a hike together. And who doesn’t want photos out in nature, with epically gorgeous landscapes and views? Your couple photos will be adventurous and a fantastic experience.Not sure where to go? Just send me a message! I’ll be more than happy to share my favorite places to go in your area.
  • Go out for Drinks + Dessert. Yep. It’s literally that easy (and super European, you classy mo-fos). Go to your favorite place for desserts + coffee/cocktails/wine, and get a nice table outside or take it to-go for a picnic! You’ll have a great time relaxing and getting some 1-1 time, and the pictures will turn out great.

Do you love these activities for an epic couple photo session?

Then let’s get you and your partner on the books!


If you are just now discovering me, its really important that you know this. My goal as your Savannah, Oahu, and destination couple photographer is to empower you! I want to facilitate an experience for you and your partner to step out of fear and into the adventure of love. Because I know most of us have spent too much of our lives waiting in the corner.

I want YOU to feel confident, laugh more, and document your life! It’s all about sharing love and stepping out of fear. And finally, I want you to know I’ll be here for you every step of this adventure.


Please contact me if you have any questions about this post, or regarding planning your couple photography session. I have years of experience and am more than happy to help you out. Let’s become friends (and message me here)!


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