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As A Featured Podcast Guest: Staying Present & Ensuring A Smooth Wedding Day

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This week I had the honor of being invited to sit with Louisville wedding photographer, Jeff Armstrong, for an episode on his podcast A Memorable Wedding Walk!  We discussed how to ensure a smooth wedding day (something I know you’ll love to hear)! And while I’ve loved being able to show up and serve you all with Namaste Nuptials, this was my first time speaking conversationally on a podcast. And let me say, it was such a fun experience!



As a luxury wedding photographer in Atlanta GA, I loved discussing how to create a more custom wedding experience for YOU with Jeff. So here’s how to ensure a smooth wedding day:


Bride and groom laughing together with tattoos for fine art wedding in Charleston SC by J.J. Au'Clair fine art film wedding photographers.



The goal for your wedding day should be to fully immerse and experience your celebration of love with those most important to you! Want to ensure a smooth wedding day? That’s what we talk about in this episode.

From taking the stress out of family formals, to hiring the best wedding photographer! We talk about the ins-outs, do’s and don’ts, and expectations you can set for having a beautiful wedding experience.


DO hire a wedding photographer that you connect with personally, and always communicate what’s most important to you!


Black and White portrait of an etherial bride on film in new orleans, photographed by J.J. Au'Clair the premier atlanta wedding photographer in the Southeast!


Not all wedding photographers are created equally, so you’ll definitely want to research and chat with your photographer to ensure they will listen, get to know you, and be able to meet your needs! With that being my number one goal at J.J. Au’Clair, it was the perfect topic of discussion! In this podcast episode we talk about:


  • Family formal lists. I curate a family formal list for each of my couples in advance, and allow them the opportunity to customize, add names, share dynamics, and even send over photos (for exceptionally large families especially). This will ensure a smooth wedding day, with no drama and painless family formals.
  • How to choose the right photographer for YOU. From questions to ask, to communication styles, and how to get over the hump of trust. It YOUR big day, and I know it can be hard to trust it will be well documented. But here’s how to know you’re in the right hands.
  • Communication! It’s the most important factor to ensure a smooth wedding day.


Bride and Groom couple portraits at the Musgrove Retreat in St. Simon's Island photographed under the spanish moss in Pour Elite la Vie and blue linen suit.


But don’t just take my word for it! Check out the episode below, and you can also see the show transcription and full notes on Jeff’s blog here! I hope this resource will help you ensure a smooth wedding day for you and your partner!



Additional resources we talk about in the episode:





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