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Kyle Goldie’s Elevate Mastermind Course Changed My Business

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Today I want to share my business coach, Kyle Goldie, and his Elevate Mastermind Course with you. I’m going to be vulnerable and share something brutally honest— I didn’t build my business on my own. Truth be told, last year I was feeling like a failure. “My wedding and couple’s photography is fantastic… and its on FILM. So why am I not getting booked?!”


If you resonate with those questions, wondering why your business is failing at all… You’ll want to meet my small business coach Kyle Goldie!

Kyle Goldie and J.J. Au'Clair, business coaching for small businesses, wedding professionals, and phtoographers seeking help with SEO, business skills, and navigating entrepreneurship.


He was the first person to tell it to me straight. He told me immediately, I was all over the place. At the time I was offering too many different services, and I wasn’t showing my mastery of just one. I wasn’t connecting with my clients and couples by building trust or resonating with them. My website converted like shit. I didn’t understand SEO at ALL.


It turns out thats there’s probably not just one thing you’re doing wrong! Through working with Kyle at a 1 on 1 level, I learned that creating a successful business is the cumulation of thousands of small things, plus consistency! And let me tell you, I never would’ve figured it all out on my own. This man REALLY knows what he’s doing. It’s from years and years of experience, in several industries.


You don’t want to just hire any “expert” business coach that doesn’t care. You want Kyle Goldie— he gives all that he can, with NO FLUFF, so that you succeed.


He promised me this in the beginning, when I was really overwhelmed and struggling. I knew that I needed help.

If you’re reading this, you probably relate. I craved someone to care, hold my hand, and show me the way. So, I also ended up booking Kyle Goldie to also give me a few website refreshes, since my website was MOSTLY built. I didn’t need a whole new one at the time. It was just sloppy, and an SEO disaster.


He fixed it for me quickly and showed me how he did it during our coaching calls. He showed me why SEO was important, and how to use it to generate MORE inquiries and bookings.


Within 3 weeks of starting 1 on 1 training and the Elevate Mastermind Course with Kyle Goldie, inquiries began to trickle in.


YES. You read that right! It only took 3 weeks for Kyle’s course and coaching to start showing results for me.


What’s more… I didn’t book the first one. So he spent a little extra time on a coaching with me to talk about sales, how to create trust, and have confidence in myself. After that, I booked my next inquiry! I cried over the phone with Kyle after my first inquiry was converted to a booking, completely via email! After that I booked another two back to back.


I did the math. After investing in myself by working with Kyle Goldie, I made back the investment twice over within 4 months.


Even since the pandemic, I’ve still had inquiries coming in. And thats after choosing to walk away from my Atlanta base and begin focusing on Savannah, Charleston, the Southeast, and more destination weddings. I truly believe in my coach’s methods. And I believe in him as a person…. So I’m choosing to share him with you today.


Because maybe you need help too.


Maybe you’re struggling in your business. Or perhaps you’re even feeling like you’re drowning. And you don’t know if Kyle’s Elevate Mastermind Course is actually the life raft you need. Well, I’m here to tell you… it was for me.


If you’re interested in signing up for Kyle’s course, I’ve included the links to his services below. These are the services that he offered me to help save my business, and get me on track to making more money independent of a “boss”. Truth be told, I’d do it again!

(And technically I still am, since I’m also a part of his Inner Circle monthly membership program for private coaching).



P.S. If you’re interested in more resources from me for business education, I have tons more you’ll love! I’ve got a hub full of resources that have helped my business. From Kyle’s coaching, to free podcasts, (audio/) books I loved, and Customer Relations Management software that changed the GAME for me. Check it all out HERE.

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