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Curated List of Savannah Wedding Venues (Part 1)

Friends, Today I am really excited to share with you my curated list of Savannah Wedding Venues. When I think about a Savannah wedding, it’s not just a low country affair. I think of Spanish moss and architecture, Skidaway State Park, and gorgeous plantations as well. Savannah is a stunning city to host your nuptials.    WHY […]

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Today I am really excited to share with you my curated list of Savannah Wedding VenuesWhen I think about a Savannah wedding, it’s not just a low country affair. I think of Spanish moss and architecture, Skidaway State Park, and gorgeous plantations as well. Savannah is a stunning city to host your nuptials.




Honestly, there is so much diversity in Savannah. Wedding venues here are so unique, and vary greatly in their aesthetic and style. You can find weddings of every kind! From beach weddings to a lovely hotel, gardens and parks, or plantations and historic homes.


While wedding season is most popular from March to September, in Savannah the weather is prettiest before May and after mid-September. The months between then are shockingly hot. Like high humidity and 90’s kind of hot. So, if you’re set on these months, prepare to have an early wedding or something indoors. Or be ready to sweat (if you like that sort of thing)!


Furthermore, your Savannah wedding has so many fantastic choices for wedding planners. As a Savannah wedding photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the best of the best. Both with the vendors of the area and the venues can make or break your wedding! Of course, I’m happy to help you in any way I can. Feel free to message me if you need any help picking venues, vendors, or even wedding planners. Your wedding is such a special time, and I’m so beyond thrilled to be a part of the planning process with you! Feel free to send me a message here.


Ready for a curated list of some my favorite Savannah Wedding Venues? Keep scrolling.

1.  The Gastonian

First on my curated list is the historic Gastonian Luxury Boutique Inn. With just space enough to host (up to) 50 people, this intimate wedding venue is perfect for brides wanting an exclusive destination venue with room for everyone to stay for the weekend. Of course, there are multiple options, including wedding packages for elopements or intimate nuptial affairs!


2. The Charles Morris Center

When I think of the Charles Morris Center, I think of a bride with more industrial meets chic vibe. Space enough for a lot of guests, but with a more intimate feel. Perfect for brides getting ready at a near-by BnB, and wanting a mix of outdoor photos  and indoor. Click HERE to read more about this venue, and see photos from a real wedding I shot there!


3. The Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens

This Savannah wedding venue is severely underrated in my opinion, and a great option for those who want a gorgeously manicured outdoor backdrop with the feeling of another locale entirely. You have the options of bamboo gardens, the Iris river, or (my personal FAVORITE) the Mediterranean gardens to name a few.  In particular, the Mediterranean garden feels like a garden right out of Spain, Italy, or Greece! Its absolutely perfect for a late spring or early autumn wedding.



As your Savannah wedding photographer, my goal is to help guide you to have the best wedding experience possible!



From planning to actually taking photos on your big day, I’m ready to help you however I can. If you’re loving this curated Savannah venue list, and want to connect with me for your wedding photography or engagement session, send me a message here! Together I know we can have fun, create magical photos, and elegantly preserve your memories for generations to come (which is a seriously long time, just sayin’).


4. Wormsloe Plantation

Wormsloe is an incredibly popular Savannah wedding venue and engagement site! This is mainly because of the gorgeous tree-lined road. If you can, imagine a picture perfect dirt path where live oaks grow tall and meet centrally for a perfectly sun-dappled, spanish moss tunnel. That right there is what you can expect at Wormsloe Plantation, and it truly is stunning.

Now, before we move on, I’d like to address something a tad uncomfortable… Historically, plantations are dark and horrible places facaded by beauty. There is a lot of controversy over whether or not weddings should be held at such locations now. That being said, I understand that a lot of these plantations are now historic sites connected to organizations that help educate and aim to repair the hurts of the past. So, if you choose to have your wedding (or engagement session) at a plantation, I encourage you to make a donation to the charity or organization connected! As your Savannah wedding photographer, I always do. And thankfully, I have never had a couple shy away at this idea. It is truly important to be respectful and continue to push for change and progress in this department!


5. The Soho South Cafe

Another Savannah favorite is Soho South Cafe, and its not just foodies who love it! While it has plenty of windows and an outdoor area for the day, photos can get pretty dark and moody into the evening. I highly suggest making sure you have an experienced Savannah wedding photographer for this venue, to ensure your photos are consistently well-lit and match the mood for your decor and day! Of course, I’ve been working as a wedding photographer for over 10 years, and absolutely love shooting here. When you decide that you want a Soho South wedding, I’d love to be your wedding photographer!

In conclusion, if a natural and industrial venue with excellent food is totally your vibe— you’ll love Soho South Cafe. Click here if you’d like to read a full blog post I’ve written about the venue!


Savannah wedding and engagement photographer shares her favorite Savannah wedding venues and engagement locations!

Thanks for allowing me to share my favorite Savannah wedding venues with you!


As always, I’d love to be a resource for you— Whether you’ve booked me as your Savannah wedding photographer yet or not! Feel free to message me if you have any questions about this post, or planning your wedding. I’ve been working in this industry a long time, and I’m happy to help!


And while I have you here.. If you’re interested in more Savannah wedding goodness check out these blog posts as well!

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