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St. Barth’s Luxury Destination Wedding

Recently I’ve found myself dreaming of a St. Barth’s luxury destination wedding. At only 9.5 square miles, this little island combines luxury, glamour, and beauty we can only imagine. I am so excited to now share with you why I believe St. Barts (also called Saint Barthélemy) is the new best luxury destination wedding getaway for […]

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Recently I’ve found myself dreaming of a St. Barth’s luxury destination wedding. At only 9.5 square miles, this little island combines luxury, glamour, and beauty we can only imagine. I am so excited to now share with you why I believe St. Barts (also called Saint Barthélemy) is the new best luxury destination wedding getaway for this year!


Truly, I can say with confidence that St. Barth’s Island is the ideal choice for a stylish and luxury destination wedding in the Caribbean.


First, as a St. Barths wedding photographer, I can tell you that this island is nothing but sophisticated. Currently a destination getaway for high-end travelers, its streets in the capital city are lined with elegant, duty-free boutiques, fine dining, and gorgeous historic buildings built with inspirations from the island’s French heritage. There is also a fantastic nightlife on the island, perfect for your vacation or to continue celebrating your wedding after the reception!
Here is what I find the most important for planning your destination St. Barth’s wedding though. The island truly has some of the best wedding planners, wedding and event designers, and culinary artists available to help make your wedding a huge success! Of course, I am happy to help connect you with the best of the best. And of course, I would be honored to be your St. Barthélemy wedding photographer. Contact me here if you’re ready to work together to make your magical wedding photos a reality!
Luxury destination wedding film photographer for St. Barths Island

If you want a bespoke experience with one-of-a-kind memories, a St. Barth’s luxury destination wedding is for you!


Its actually incredible how many gorgeous options you have for a wedding venue in St. Barths. For a larger wedding, Le Sereno hotel is absolutely stunning and a malleable backdrop to fit your wedding’s every need. And for smaller weddings, there are AirBnBs and villas that can exceed even your wildest expectations. Personally, I love the two-level Micela villa located right on Flamand’s Beach for a small gathering. But for larger events, there is also a six-bedroom villa called the Oasis de Salines, with two pavilions, a pair of pools, three full kitchens, a wine bar, and even your own private path to Saline Beach!  Finally, this AirBnB stay at Gustavia Views is perfect for a small weekend wedding getaway, with enough room for 20-30 people to come for the day, and room enough for family or the bridal party to stay with you as well.


Even if you choose to stay in a hotel for a much larger St. Barth’s luxury destination wedding, nothing about staying on this island is cookie cutter or boring. Small and luxurious boutique hotels are abundant! Like the Le Guanahani resort, located between Marigot Bay and the Grand Cal de Sac lagoon. Not only do they have a private coconut grove that offers a gorgeous backdrop for your ceremony, but their restaurant, Indigo, offers tropical and elevated seafood dishes poolside. Its sure to wow you and your guests!

Luxury destination wedding film photographer for St. Barths Island featuring oscar de la renta and Giuseppe Zanotti

I believe that St. Barthélemy is the perfect island for a luxury destination wedding weekend getaway for you and all your closest friends and family!


Of course, you can always choose to have a classic beach wedding! But it wouldn’t be a St. Barth’s luxury destination wedding if there wasn’t a little flair added. Which is exactly what you’ll get if you choose to have your wedding at the Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France! They offer several options, including an especially unique under-water nuptial option (don’t worry, I have underwater cameras ready for us to capture it all)! Or you can stay above water and have your wedding at the Eden Rock resort, with your toes in the sand and a stone chapel offering panoramic and dramatic oceanfront views. You can then end the evening with an upscale party at the hotel’s Villa Rockstar or Villa Amancaya. They are essentially gigantic, classy, and all-inclusive party spaces for adults, right on the shoreline. While I haven’t had the opportunity to see them all, a quick search online shows that they have tons of excellent villa options for your wedding reception and after-party.

p.s. If a photo of you jumping in the pool at the end of the night with all your friends sounds like a great time, we’re going to have a great time together!


Giuseppe Zanotti and Oscar de la Renta dark bridal look by J.J. Au'Clair, perfect for an edgy St. Barth's luxury destination wedding!


No matter what route you choose to go, a destination St. Barthélemy wedding is a bespoke and luxury experience you, your friends, and family will never forget!


As a luxury destination wedding photographer, I cannot wait to join you for an unforgettable celebration of love in a meaningful and stunning location!

As your experienced and down-to-earth, yet luxury St. Barth’s wedding photographer is to serve you! I want to facilitate an experience for you to be your best self, to celebrate your love with those most important to you, and preserve those memories beautifully. I want you to be able to relive the best moments of your lives again and again!


So no matter where you are in this wedding planning journey, wether you’ve booked me yet or not, you can know I’m here for you. Every step of the way! You are beyond worthy of beautiful memories and authentic, vibrant love. So, let’s become friends and do this together!

I am excited to be your St. Barth’s luxury destination wedding photographer.


Luxury destination wedding look by J.J. Au'Clair, edgy bridal fashion featuring Giuseppe Zanotti and Oscar de la Renta dress


Please contact me if you have any questions, wether about this destination or otherwise. I have over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry and, as your friend, am more than happy to help you however I can. Drop me a line HERE.


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